The Middle Ages

About The Middle Ages

This flyer is gonna be about the biggest parts of the Middle Ages. Such asFeudalism, Monarchs, The Catholic Church, Crusades, The Black Death, growth of cities, And The Spanish Inquisition


Feudalism was the social system for medieval Europe in which Nobles held lands for exchange for military services. A vassals was a holder of land by feudal tenure on conditions of allegiance. Manorialism was the essential element of feudal society. These manors had a farm for food, Taylor's to make clothes, and a black smith. But the most important part of a manor was the church.


The Monarchs are the kings and queens of medieval Europe. They gave money to people to make lands called manors. Some examples are Charlemagne,Henry the fifth.

Catholic Church

TheCatholic Church was probably the most important part of medieval Europe. The church controlled everything from money to taking care of the sick. Then after the Black Death people started to lose faith in the church.


The crusades were also known as the 'Holy Wars'. They were betweenChristians and Islamic people. These wars started when Islam people stop letting Christians into the holy land. Then Christians started to fight for their holy land, but they only won the first crusade.
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The Black Death

The Black Death took out a third of Europe's population. The plague was carried by rats with fleas from Asia. The symptoms were high fever, skin turned into black, get these reds spots all over your body. You only lived for about a few hours to a couple of days.

Spanish Inquisition

The Spanish Inquisition was started by King Ferdinand and queen Isabella. The goal was to purify Spain from non-believers. Then people started to change to a different religion once Spain was kicking Muslims and Jews. If they didn't confess they used a torture device called the rack that would pull their body and separate their shoulders and legs.