RAVEN Weekly News

Black Rock High School - December 12, 2022


Winter Break

Parents/Guardians, all of our BRHS students have plenty of school work that they can complete over the holidays. If your child is behind in credits, the 2-week Winter Break is a great opportunity to get caught up or ahead.

Parents you can check your child's credit progress by logging in to Synergy. Since our minimum every credit check is 10, everyone should have at least 4-5 credits by Friday, December 16th.


FAFSA Requirement

You probably have heard this already, but seniors MUST complete their FAFSA's to graduate. It's a new requirement. Filling out the FAFSA is fairly quick. You do need to know your social security number and have your parent(s) information too, including their taxes. Mrs. Lee-Briggs (P-4) can help you and your family navigate this process. It takes about 20-30 minutes if you have your documents ready. If you haven't done yours yet, please see Mrs. Lee-Briggs in P-4 to make arrangements.

NOTE: If your parents are not comfortable doing this with us, the FAFSA can be completed at home. All you need to do is bring in the "Congratulations, your submitted your FAFSA" email to Mrs. Lee-Briggs. Students will earn Guidance credit for completing this task.

NEW Homeroom Activites for CC2 will start after break ...

Students, we will be mixing up activities after break for another 2-week session. Make sure you sign up this week when asked. Homeroom teachers will have lists out by Wednesday. If you have something you think would be fun and interesting, please see Mrs. Seacat.

Extra Holiday English Work

Mrs. Kelley has SCOPE magazine assignments designed for over the holidays. If you'd like to earn 1, 2, or even more credits in English over the holiday, please see Mrs. Kelley in P-5.


Our district has purchased a subscription for typing.com for all students. You can log into the program through CLEVER and take a short 3 minute test to see your typing speed. You can also use this program to earn Guidance/Elective credit. Another use for a typing score is to include it on job applications or resumes. Typing is a skill that will help you in whatever you do. Talk to your homeroom teacher about getting started on typing.com.

January 2nd is a HOLIDAY!

Students this year we come back from break on TUESDAY, January 3rd. Enjoy the extra day off, but make sure you're here on Tuesday, 1/3.


Big picture

FOOD HANDLERS: Make sure you sign up with Mrs. Luckino or Mrs. Seacat.

FACEBOOK: Like our page "Black Rock High School" to receive current information and see the bulletin.

STUDENTS - You can use REMIND.com! Ever have a question? Ever need some information? BRHS uses Remind.com to allow students to communicate directly through text messaging. The app is encrypted and phone numbers are not displayed. It's the perfect way to get the information you need. It's only a text message away.

1) Open up a text message box on your phone.

2) Use 81010 (like a phone number).

3) Text the code and then answer any questions asked (i.e. name, birthdate, student/parent etc.)

Mrs. Seacat's code: @gka4ag2

Mrs. Kelley's code: @jkbrhs23

Ms. Mohn's code: @msmohn23

Mrs. Luckino's code: @luckinobr

You can text anytime and we will answer or get back with you ASAP. Plus you earn a tiny bit of credit for signing up.


  • 12/5 - 12/16 - STAR Reading tests12/16 - Friday - Spirit Day - UGLY SWEATER/HOLIDAY
  • 12/12 - 1/11 - ELA and Integrated Math Benchmarks
  • 1/2 - Monday, NO SCHOOL - We come back on Tuesday.
  • 1/3 - 1/13 - Math STAR tests
  • 1/5 - ASVAB Interpretation
  • 3/27-5/26 - State testing - Smarter Balanced ELA and Math & California Science Test window
  • 3/31- Cesar Chavez Day of Service

Our 2022-2023 Graduates:

1) Jaden Puleo

2) Ricky Draper

* Always let Mrs. Kelley know if she missed anyone!



STAFF MEETING: Monday, December 12; Book Club - Read Chapter 6


Senior Portfolio: HR teachers please periodically check on Senior Port and Consumer Math status using the Shared Document. Mrs. Lee-Briggs will be recording FAFSA completion on that document. HR teachers please determine who in your homeroom meets the qualifications to begin their Senior Portfolio (i.e. 60 or fewer credits to graduate and/or 10 or fewer credits of ELA needed to graduate) and give those names to Mrs. Kelley so she can add them. English Teachers - please make sure to include these credits in your gradebooks each credit check.

Intervention Schedule: HR teachers please let your HR students who are eligible for Senior Portfolio of the date and period for them to come to P-5. Limit participation to 8 students; new spots will open as students progress.

* Alexander's HR: Thursday during 2nd

* DEan's HR: Friday during 6th

* Gomez's HR: Friday during 6th

* Kelley's HR: Monday during 4th

* Krasnow's HR: Monday during 3rd

* Landeros' HR: Thursday during 6th

* Larson's HR: Thursday during 2nd

* Mohn's HR: Thursday during 6th

* Scharns' HR: Monday during 3rd

MAKE-UPs or CTE Students: Monday during 4th

Black Rock High School

Mrs. Jennifer Seacat, Principal

Mrs. April Taylor, Administrative Assistant

Mrs. Christi Cross, Registrar

Mr. Kyle Chapman, PM Supervisor

Ms. Mayra Coria, AM Supervisor

Ms. Rachel Lee, ELA Tutor

Ms. Ashley Pierce-Carlton, PM Supervisor

Ms. Eugenia Rupert, Instructional Assistant

Ms. Julie Alexander, Special Education

Mr. James DEan, Science

Mr. Angel Gomez, Art

Mrs. Jolie Kelley, Newsletter Editor/Intervention

Mr. Raphael Krasnow, English

Mr. Joshua Landeros, Social Science

Mrs. Janet Larson, Math

Mrs. Lisa Lee-Briggs, Counselor

Mrs. Shannon Luckino, MTSS

Ms. Hanna Mohn, Social Science/APEX

Mr. Eric Beck, Woodshop

Mrs. Jamie Scharns, English