The November Update

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Our friend was in a play and his name is Dante . He brought the DVD into class and we are watching some of it in class. One of our classmates, Ryan, saw it live! He really enjoyed it. Dante was the main lead in the plan Aladdin. He did the play in a small church. Our class is enjoying watching the DVD.

The Food Pantry

Our school is collecting food to send to churches in our area. This food goes to people without money or food. This food pantry helps a lot people in need. It is going very well. Students and teachers are bringing a lot of food. We hope they get a good amount of food.

The Earth-worm Update

In Mrs. Waleck's class we are doing a science project to see if our snacks and wrappers will disintegrate and if the earthworms will eat them. We are not going to see the earthworms until June. it is going to be a long process. We think that some earthworms will die and they may have babies. Stay with me for an update next time.

About the Author

These three author's names are Ryan, Gavin and, Ayden. Ryan likes basketball. Gavin likes soccer. Ayden likes football. And we all like Mine-craft.
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