Panther Newsletter

8th Grade

Upcoming Events:

  • Thursday, March 24- Report cards
  • Wednesday, March 23 - 8th Grade Family Connections Interest Inventory (Mrs. Madison & Mrs. Bruton) **During US History**
  • Friday, March 25- No school in observance of Good Friday
  • Monday, March 28- Meeting for 8th grade students and families at VAHS (more info below)
  • Tuesday, March 29- Math STAAR testing
  • Wednesday, March 30- Reading STAAR testing
  • Friday, April 1 - Review Interest Inventory & discuss endorsement (Mrs. Madison & Mrs. Bruton) **During US History**
  • Friday, April 1 - Star Card Recess/Gym Time During Advisory

VAHS College & Career Fair

MARK YOUR CALENDAR! On Monday, March 28 from 6:00-8:00 PM, VAHS will host a night to learn about endorsements, dual credit, career & technology classes, as well as clubs and organizations that are at the high school. You will not want to miss this!

*More information in the flyer below.*

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Science News:

We have began our Life Science Unit reviewing and expanding on our understanding of Food Webs and Energy Pyramids. This week will investigate organisms dependence on biotic and abiotic factors in an ecosystem and understand how population sizes are effected by competition and availability of resources.

Math/Algebra News:

The STAAR math test is Tuesday, March 29th. We have been reviewing the last 2 weeks, and each student has a folder with review material and their interactive notebook to look over before the test. Please encourage your child to at least look over the material on the night before the test. I believe that all of the students are ready for the test, but if someone doesn't pass, the next administration is on May 9th.

The Algebra students will be taking a benchmark on Tuesday, March 29th. We are also finishing our unit over Quadratic Functions this week, and our test is on Thursday, March 24th. Our last unit is solving quadratic equations, then we will begin our review for the EOC on May 3rd.

History News:

We just finished up Unit #7 - The Age of Jackson last week. This week we are starting on Westward Expansion. Students will learn about Manifest Destiny and its impact on our country. We are finally learning about how we achieved the American goal of owning the land from coast to coast!

ELAR News:

STAAR preparation can be tedious and draining. This year, I've turned the experience into a game that I've entitled, "The Box." I've mixed the concepts of a scavenger hunt along with ideas from Breakout EDU to turn our preparation for the state test into an intense and intellectually stimulating game.

My Honor students recently wrapped up a social experiment that was prompted by our reading of Todd Strasser's The Wave. The results were shocking incredible. It was amazing the reach that a small group of students could have on the world within a very limited amount of time. Ask them about their results! Today, they began the second half of "The Box" challenge.

Remember, our STAAR test is Wednesday, March 30th. The material they've been covering as part of the game can be used as material along with any of the electronic materials they've stored in their Google Drive folder for my classroom.

Closed Campus for STAAR Testing

One of our favorite things is seeing parents on our campus and we know that you enjoy seeing your child. However, please know on each day of STAAR tests, we will have a closed campus. Parents will not be be able able to come on campus to volunteer or eat with their child, and we will also not be able to deliver anything to the students (lunches, items left at home, clothes, etc.). We hope you understand and we appreciate your support to give our students the best possible testing environment. Thank you!

FREE Breakfast

Thank you to McDonald's for offering an opportunity for a free breakfast for 3rd-8th grade students on STAAR testing day on Tuesday, March 29th. It will probably be crowded, so please plan accordingly.
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