March Newsletter

NWMS Lego Robotics Club

The Lego Club has been hard at work!

The month of March has been busy busy busy! Students have worked really hard learning how to program the EV3 robots, researching topics about flight, as well as putting together a skit for the final presentation. Again parents, I would like to thank you for allowing your student(s) to participate in this amazing experience.

Since we do not have too many club meetings left, if at all possible, please encourage your child to attend each meeting. This is especially important for those who will be participating in the competition on May 2.

Presentations and Demonstrations

This month we had the pleasure of hearing presentations from Mr. Michael Smith as well as four of our very own robotics club members; Amish, Charlie, Evan, and Tim.

Students listened attentively as Mr. Smith and his son Evan discussed the history and various working parts of their very own Sopwith Camel Lego biplane.

Again Mr. Smith, the Lego Robotics thanks you so much!

Don't Forget to Sign-up!

There's still time to sigh-up for the competition. Several parents have already responded to the survey form from the last newsletter and many students have told me that they will be at the competition. So I can be 100% sure of who will be at competition, please respond to the attached survey if you have not already.

A list of names will need to be turned in to the competition coordinators so they can plan accordingly.

Please respond by no later than March 31st.

Competition SIgn-up

About the Presentation

In addition to the robot runs, students will also present their research information.

Teams will prepare a presentation to share their project with several judges during the

competition. During the project judging session, teams will have 5 minutes to present their topic and then the judges have 5 minutes to ask questions about it.

The format of the presentation can include posters, slide shows, models, skits, research materials, demonstrations, etc.

The team has decided to present their research information in the form of a Jeopardy game. Ethan B, Cassie, and Haiden have worked especially hard on creating a script for the game show!

Call for Flight Professionals

As part of the team's research, they are required to reach out to a professional to help with the project. Professionals can be anyone who has knowledge about flight. The team is most interested in learning more about thrust of jet planes as this is their research topic.

Engineers are great resources, but they are not required. Teachers, pilots, university professors, or local businesses may be great people to reach out to.

If you know of anyone who meets this description and will be wiling to come in to speak to the team on a Tuesday or Thursday after school, please have them to contact me at or pass along their information to me.

Tentative Tournament Schedule GTCC - Greensboro Campus

Saturday, May 2, 2015

  • 7:30 am—Coach Check-In

  • 9:00 am– *Judging Sessions Begin * Practice Robot Runs Begin * Team Tours Begin

  • 12pm– Lunch Break

  • 1pm– Robot Runs Begin

  • 4pm— Closing Awards Ceremony