New JavaPhone and JavaTablet

The mobile computers of the futer!

The smartphone/ tablet of the futer!

You have seen phones/tablets running off of IOS, Linux, and even Windows 8! But now, a new phone and tablet with an all new OS! Intuducing the JavaPhone and JavaTablet. They both have new software an hardware never before seen on a smartphone! The JavaPhone and JavaTablet can store files such as DOC. TXT. and many more, including those supported by Mac computers. the JavaPhone and JavaTablet also come with a touch-friendly version of Open Office, so you can now use your smartphone or tablet to do work! There are also downloadable occupational suites, which are made for specific tasks. These software packages include the Programmer Package, the Engineer Package, the Java Development Package, the Architect Package, the Teacher Package, the Flight Package, the Financial Package, and many more! Wether you want to work, to develop, to play, or you just want a new phone or tablet, the JavaPhone or JavaTablet is right for you!

Where to buy

The JavaPhone and JavaTablet are now being sold at Fries, Target, Walmart, and many other stores that sell similar products. They are being sold for only about $200 right now, but many are going on holliday sales!

Contact Us

If you have any questions or comments about our product, call us, e-mail us or even visit one of our social networking pages! Email-; Phone- 556-230-6798; Facebook- Java Mobile Development; Twitter- #javamobile. If you are a company that wants to carry our products, contact our distribution dept.- 556-230-6798-4587. For a JavaPhone/JavaTablet devolpment licence, contact our development devision at 556-230-6798-9924.