50 Cent

By: Amrit


Hes a great rap artist he had a hard life when he was little but know from all that failure he succeeded.

50 Cent

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50 Cent Biography

His name is 50 cent. He is a rapper. He was born in July 6.1975 was bron in New York City. 50 cent he was an ordinary kid that had a lived with his grandma and had 6 or 8 of his cousin but he was raised by a single mother but he didn't know were and how his dad looked. But his mom was a drug dealer so he never had time with his mom them one his mom died and then he started selling drugs of the age of 12 so and these 2 people asked what you wanted from selling drugs he saids shoes and a gun so then his grandpa found his gun in his bag so then he moved out and found a place. Then he forced on his dream of becoming a rapper but 3 hours later he started selling drugs on the corner but it was a time waste but then that day he wound out how to make his own drug manufacturer so then he made lots of money so then he bought a car and and trouble with the Colombian so they fought against each other so he went to jail so then left drug dealers so then he made the biggest mistake of his life robbing a store and he did and then he got shot by his own friend 9 times 1 on the mouth and one an the rest on his chest he went to the hospital in this truck witch he died in so he came back to life and he got into better shape that he was in before and took of his braes and recorded a album and and he killed the guy that killed his mom and that killed his mom.