Surfing Safe

Think before you click!

Define Internet

The world's largest network is known as the internet. The internet can be described as a worldwide collection of networks which link together millions of businesses, governments, educational institutes, and individuals. However, precautions need to be taken when operating...

Watch Out For Sharks!

The technology world is comparable to paddling out and riding that avalanche wave all the way back in to shore. Sometimes you hit the reef; need to bail out; break a fin; or even see a flesh-eating hungry shark. What does this mean? You need to take control of the wave! Being alert out in the open sea is just like taking caution when using a computer. SAFETY FIRST! Viruses, hacker's, identity thefts, cyber bullies, and threats can be detrimental.

Have A Safe Ride!

1. Do not give out personal information.

2. Protect your computer with the right software/hardware.

3. Make password and usernames difficult to guess.

4. Never arrange to meet someone you've met online unless you notify a peer.

5. Keep evidence of harmful situations and do not respond to the abuser.

6. Do not use inappropriate language or derogatory terms.

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