The Lawrence Weekly News 5/15/17

By: Natalie Cebulko, Zavier Smith and Volunteer Addison Hill

Top Story // By: Zavier Smith //

Schools out for summer!

Get ready to go swimming, tanning, and licking ice cream on Friday, which is the first day off of school! This has been an amazing class guys, and now it's time to enjoy some time by yourself as we move into fifth grade. Have fun this summer guys!

Weather For The Week // By: Natalie Cebulko //

May 18: Sunny with a high of 84

May 19: Scattered Thunderstorms with a high of 72

May 20: Thunderstorms with a of high 81

May 21: Thunderstorms with a of high of 69

May 22: Sunny with a high of 72

May 23: Scattered Thunderstorms with a high 69

May 24: Showers with a high 62

May 25: AM Showers with a high of 65

Volunteer For This Week // By: Addison Hill //

This week's volunteer for the LWN, is, Addison Hill.

Hi I am Addison. I am ten years old and I like playing Minecraft and Roblox. I LOVE spending time with family and friends. I like mashed potatoes. :D

Riddle Of The Week // By: Zavier Smith //

Here's your riddle...

What does a chicken and a fish COMBINED make?

Come to me, Natalie, or Addie if you think you know the answer

Staff Of The Week // By: Natalie, Zavier, and Addison //

Story Of The Week // By: Natalie Cebulko //

IQ Test of The Week // By: Addison Hill // \\ Original Test By: Natalie Cebulko \\

Choices: Faith, Alexis, Sky, Ella, Skyler, Lola, Brooklyn, Bailey, or Sophie.

Quiz: Which Superhero are You? Key: A: 90. B: 80. C: 70. D: 60. E: 50. F: 40. G: 30. H: 20. I: 10

Question 1: Which power do you want the most?

A: All. B: Hand Powers. C: Heat Breath. D: Invisibility. E: Super Speed. F: Shapeshifter.

G: Mind Controller. H: Mind Reader. I: Heat Powers

Question 2: Would you rather have..?

A: A Potion of Powers. B: Collectables. C: Potions. D: Pet. E: Picture of Relative. F: Master.

G: Twin. H: Adventuring Stuff. I: Nieces/ nephews / both.

Question 3: What's your favorite hobby?

A: Taking Kids/ Siblings Places. B: Babysitting. C: Complaining. D: Playing Outside.

E: Running Away. F: Messing Around. G: Imaginating. H: Playing With Siblings. I: "Hanging".

Question 4: What's Your Favorite Color?

A: Purple B: Blue C: Black D: Teal E: Red. F: Pink. G: Green. H: Yellow. I: Orange

Question 5: What's Your Closest Age?

A: 25. B: 11. C: 2. D: 10. E: 1 or younger. F: Dog Years. G: 12. H: 12 (by 5 seconds) I: 26

Question 6: If someone kid napped you, would you..?

A: Use Your Powers. B: Let him take you. C: Attack like a boss. D: Turn invisible and trick him. E: Scream very loud to alert people. F: Bite them for defense. G: Ask sister for help. H: Punch. I: Fight Back

Question 7: What is your favorite food?

A: Pizza. B: Cupcakes. C: Anything Sweet. D: vegetables. E: NOTHING. F: Dog Food. G: Ehh... i don't care. H: EVERY SINGLE THING IN THE UNIVERSE! I: Ima Vegetarian

Question 8: What is your hair color?

A: Brown. B: Black. C: Dark. D: Blonde. E: Red. F: Light Brown. G: Dark Brown. H: Dyed. I: Light

Question 9: What's Your Weakness?

A: LOTS of kids/siblings. B: Sadness. C: Staying Positive. D: UNpositive. E: Not screaming one hundered times a day. F: School. G: NO family. H: NO sister. I: NO POWERS NOOOOOO

Question 10: Do you think you are....?

A: Faith. B: Alexis. C: Sky. D: Ella. E: Skyler. F: Lola. G: Brooklyn. H: Bailey. I: Sophie


Faith: 900 points or up

Alexis: 800 points or up

Sky: 700 points or up

Ella: 600 points or up

Skyler: 500 points or up

Lola: 400 points or up

Brooklyn: 300 points or up

Bailey: 200 points or up

Sophie: 100 points or up

Monthly Reminders // By: Jayden Rucker //

Poem Of The Week // By: Natalie Cebulko //