Juice Bar

Brought to you by Salúd Juicery

When: Monday, June 6th

10:45AM - 1:45PM

The juice bar is back!

With the launch of Rally, we couldn't pass up the opportunity to bring back Salúd to help you complete your healthy eating mission! :)

Salúd Juicery will be onsite serving up fresh juice, smoothies, and juice cleanses in the downstairs cafeteria on Monday from 10:45am - 1:45pm!

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Why Do the Juice?

There is a reason juice is going viral. Fresh, raw juice helps you squeeze in your daily dose of fruits and veggies, gives you a sustained energy boost, and is easily absorbed by your body, allowing it to spend more time healing and repairing itself. Juice is a easy way to get nutrients into your body. When your body is properly nourished you have a feeling of wellness.

Is there a winner between Juice vs. Smoothie?

The good news: Either way you win. Juicing extracts the water, vitamins and minerals from produce and leaves behind the fiber, so your digestive system doesn’t have to work as hard to break down the food and absorb its nutrients. Juicing greatly enhances the body’s healing and detoxification processes. Smoothies consist of entire fruits and vegetables, meaning they contain fiber. The blending process, however, breaks the fiber apart, making it easier to digest than eating the produce whole. Both methods flood your body with perfect, natural micro and macro nutrients.

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