North vs. South

Geography, Economy, Transportation, Society

Geography in the South

Geography in the south was long hot summers and mild winters. They had rivers to transport goods. Also there were swamps and marshes

Economy in the South

They used slaves to grow cotton and the owners made cash. The economy was based on agriculture. Most of the farmers worked on their own farms. Cotton was the most important crop that is how the farmers got their money.

Transportation in the South

They used boats to transport goods and crops. Many of the railroads came from Virginia. They usually travel by river on a boat.The cotton boom made New Orleans the port at the mouth of the Mississippi River.

Society in the South

The groups of wealthy plantation owners ruled the economy. Slavery deeply affected lives of all southerners. Also churches defended the use of slaves. They measured wealth by how much land and slaves you had.

Geography in the North

They had freezing winters and humid summers. There was The Appalachian mountains and many rivers. It had a jagged New England coast. Inland to sea there was a flat narrow plain with soft soil. The geography in the north was pretty rough.

Economy in the North

They made things with machines. Factory owners tended to favor a strong national government. New inventors and manufacturers made goods cheap. Owners of large factories were based on industries.

Transportation in the North

They used trains to travel and they also had boats powered by steam engines. The north had better roads than the south. The state hired workers to build 363 canals so they could transport goods and travel easier.

Society in the North

Most of the people in the north were non-wealthy. Most of the people came from Ireland and Germany. Africans were not equal to white men. They tried to end slavery.
By: Elliot Kramer P.6