Water habits

May lead to an unexpected ending for us


People like us always think water is endless. When you open the tap fresh water comes out like its never going to end. Well it is and if we don't stop it, it may be the end of us.

Introduction and Survey

Everything in the world needs water including us. We Canadians consume the second most freshwater in the world. We need to change that. We have come up with a campaign to see how people use water at home.


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Results and Analysis

Our data shows most people shower between 10 to 20 minutes. Many people do their laundry two times a week and a lot of students didn't know if they had a low-flow/energy efficient one. The average person would use 18.5 liters everyday if you showered 15 minutes with a flow rate of 7.9 liters/minute. An average washer uses 160.85 liters/load. So if you wash your clothes two times a week, you use 321.7 liters/week. The average toilet uses 41.5 liters everyday. The grand total for this is 6418.7 liters every week.

Effects on the Earth

Dehydration of the earth can be devastating. Our population has tripled in the last century but our freshwater supply gets lower and lower every year. This can have a greater effect in the developing world as a growing population needs water to thrive. As a result, more people are dying of dehydration.

Taking Action

We can shower shorter, do laundry less, and learn how important it is to have an efficient toilet. Plus, it will save you lot of money. There are other methods of getting freshwater such as getting it from groundwater. Although this may seem like a good method, it is not. The water table will lower if a lot of groundwater is brought to the surface. Thus making the surface drier creating more droughts. Another method is desalination but this process uses a lot of energy and costs 10 times as much as groundwater. We will have to find a way in the future but for now, we have to reduce our water usage.

By Aaron Chiu