Hoover Staff Newsletter

September 28, 2014

Important Dates

Week Ahead:

9-29 - Neenah Homecoming Week

PJ Day

3rd Gr - Writer's Workshop @ 7:45

9-30 - Disguise Day

5th Gr - Writer's Workshop @ 7:45

4th Gr - Writer's Workshop @ 12:45

10-1 - Wellness Wed

LST K and 3

Mismatch Day

10-2 - Wedding @ Admin Meeting - Gone most of the day :(

Thrift Shop/Crazy Clothes Day

Running Club

10-3 - 2:15 PBIS Networking Meeting

Neenah Pride/Red and White Day

2nd Gr - Writer's Workshop @ 7:45

Looking Ahead:

10-6 - Jeans Week

Chip Shoppe orders due

1:00 - Fire Presentation GR 1-3

10-7 - 4:00 Fitness Fusion - Are you signed up???

1st Gr - Writer's Workshop @ 7:45

Kindergarten - Writer's Workshop @ 12:45

10-8 - 7:45 LST Core Team

10-9 - Hoover Running Club

10-10 - 1:30 PBIS

10-13 - 3:15 BLT

10-14 - Fitness Fusion

10-15 - 7:45 LST Core Team

10-16 - Running Club

10-17 - Buddy Activity

2:30 Conscious Discipline

Remember to check the Hoover Staff Calendar. Please let Mrs. Swanson and I know special events that are happening in your classroom or events that need to be added to the calendar.

IEP and parent meetings need to be placed on the office calendar. Please provide Mrs. Swanson with type of meeting, time, and location.

Go Noodle

Just Click on the title Brain Break Website and it will magically appear.

Reading/Writing Conferencing Form

Check out Hoover's Schoology page. We have a new folder - Literacy- In that folder you will find two conferencing forms recently uploaded. The form has four boxes; one for the date and comments about the book or piece of writing, one for strengths to be noted, one for needs/challenges to be document, and finally one for the student's goal or action steps for improvement. This document would be great evidence for student assessment when paired will simple running record forms (for reading - writing can stand alone).

We Care Card Writing Campaign

Tommy Blanik's big sister Lizzie will be having surgery soon. She has been home for a while and is starting to feel lonely. Making cards for Lizzie will be a great way for our Hoover Huskies to practice wishing others well. Please send cards and letters to Mrs. Swanson and we will send out the cards on Oct 3rd. I spoke with Mrs. Blanik and she is thrilled that we are willing to do this for Lizzie! We will continue to send Lizzie cards during the month of October.

Conscious Discipline

Training Schedule

10-17 - Choices and Positive Intent

Chapters - SF = 6 and 14 CD = 4 and 5

11-14 - Empathy and Consequences

Chapters - SF = 13 and 15 CD = 6 and 7

12-23 - The School Family

1-9 - Composure/Perception/Safe Place &


2-14 - Assertiveness/Attention/Time Machine &

Choices/Free Will/Picture Rule Cards

3-13 - Positive Intent/Love/Celebration &

Empathy/Acceptance/We Care Center

4-2 - Consequences/Intention/Class Meetings

5-8 - TBA

SKILL #1 COMPOSURE: “Being the person you want other to become.”

Principle #3: Start the day the brain smart way and implement stress reduction activities.

Many children come to school stressed. The transition from child to student is a tremendous one. The following routine to start your day is designed based on current brain research to turn off the stress response, create a favorable emotional climate and help children focus during the transition from home to school.

  1. Activity to unite (pledge, singing, etc.)
  2. Activity to disengage the stress response (involves deep breathing and stretching)
  3. Activity to connect the children to the teacher and each other (through touch or eye contact, school family song, etc.)
  4. Activity to commit oneself to learning

District Assessments

What and When


**Sept 8 to Oct 3 - Grades 3-5

**Sept 15 to Oct 10 - Grades 1and 2


**Sept 15 to Oct 10 - Grades 1 and 2


**Sept 15 to Oct 3 - Grades 1-5

The complete District Assessment schedule is posted on Hoover Staff Schoology page.

Educator Effectiveness


September Responsibilities:

**Review student/program level data to identify ares of need for SLO.

**Identify targeted student/program populations and evidence sources.

**Administer appropriate baseline measure of students knowledge of program starting point and set growth targets for SLO.

October Responsibilities:

**Oct 15 Complete Professional Practice Goal Setting Plan

**Oct 15 Prepare and collaboratively discuss SLO

**Oct 15 Survey students/clients and complete growth plan

I will add the timeline to Schoology.

Log in to MLP to check for updates from HR and I've heard the teacher view may look a little different.