WHES Newsletter

Monday, December 7th - Friday, December 11th, 2020

Dear Westport Community,

Hello Westport Community,

This is the WHES Newsletter with updates for the month of December. This WHES Newsletter contains reminders and announcements for the week as well as the NEXT week's highlights.

Parents and Teachers, did you complete the Return to Campus Survey? The survey for Family Selection of Instructional Program is in this newsletter and linked in the text message if you still need to complete it by today's District deadline. We do not know when we will return to campus, but this is the opportunity for parents to choose either hybrid, on 100% online instruction.

Teachers, information about your Return to Campus survey was emailed by Ms. Isabel last week and is also described in the teacher section below if you have not completed it on MyPLN.


  • Hour of Code: The Teachers are asked to incorporate 45 minutes of Hour of Code activity with class at least once this week. The link to the grade level activities are here: https://hourofcode.com/us/learn If you need assistance in the classroom outside of your sub, paraprofessional (if have one) please contact Blanca Espinosa for support.
  • School Experience Survey is now open! We want your input. To protect the health and safety of everyone in the LAUSD school community, all parents are highly encouraged to complete their survey online if possible. Parents can access the ONLINE Parent Survey by:
    1. Going to http://lausd.net/schoolexperiencesurvey
    2. Clicking on the appropriate Parent Survey button
    3. Choosing their child’s school from a drop-down menu to begin the survey.
    4. Take a screenshot of the completion of the survey to turn in to your child's teacher for a class prize funded by WHES Booster Parent Club.
    5. Only 1 survey to complete per school. (i.e. if you have 3 children at WHES only need to complete 1 survey)

    Note: No login required to access the online Parent survey.

    Only a limited number of paper surveys will be shipped to schools. Paper surveys will be reserved for those households with limited or no internet connectivity. A parent who needs a paper copy of the survey should contact their child’s school. Those parents who receive a paper survey will mail it back directly to our vendor rather than return it to the school. Postage-paid envelopes will be provided with each paper survey.

Daily Events of the Week:

  1. MONDAY 12/7/20 - School-Wide Assembly @ 9am (Class prize for those whose parents complete School Experience Survey and submit proof to teacher on Schoology): PD Topic: Whole Child Platform led by Ms. Kennedy 1:15 pm - 2:30 pm (Teachers: please see Ms. Kennedy's email and newsletter to request access to the Whole Child Platform before the meeting;
  2. WEDNESDAY 12/9/20 - LAUSD Board Member Nick Melvoin hosts virtual Parent Community Meeting TOPIC: Town Hall: Supporting the Social-Emotional Wellbeing of your Children during Covid RSVP here for our next virtual town hall, which will feature renowned pediatrician and award-winning author Dr. Cara Natterson to share some tips and best practices to help our kids and families cope with the social-emotional aspects of this ongoing pandemic; Principal Network Meeting All Day (Mrs. Hughes Unavailable)
  3. FRIDAY 12/11/20 - Crisis Team Meeting (Mrs. Hughes, Ms. Stark, Ms. Kim, and Ms. Barbinis)
  4. SATURDAY 12/12/20 - AEMP (CLR TEACHER TRAINING); Virtual Christmas Craft Party

UPCOMING WEEK: (December 14th - 18th)

  • Thursday 12/17/20 WHES Student Staff & Family Winter Holiday Program (Creative and not Like in Past) More information to follow
  • Friday 12/18/20 - Winter Holiday Drive-Through Event (All Students to receive give-away from WHES sponsored by Booster Club) Also Free Scholastic Books and other Items from District to use during Winter break for each child; More details forthcoming; LAST DAY OF VIRTUAL INSTRUCTION UNTIL WE RETURN ON JANUARY 11, 2021!!!

Wish you happiness, healthiness, and safety,

Mrs. Hughes

Information for this week's highlights:



How to Access the After School Enrichment

Hello Westport Heights STAR families!

Thank you for joining our virtual afterschool program. Zoom Room opens at 2:40PM with class starting at 2:45 PM.

For access, please login to Schoology, and click on COURSES, click on Westport Heights STAR, under MATERIALS (it should be the default TAB), you will find a link to the Westport Heights STAR Zoom Room.

*Please have each student login from their own device if your household has more than one student.

We look forward to seeing you later today!

Brandonj@starinc.org 3102940098

¡Hola familias Westport Heights Star!

Gracias por unirse a nuestro programa extracurricular virtual. Zoom Room abre a las 2:40 p.m. y la clase comienza a las 2:45 p.m.

Para acceder, inicie sesión en Schoology y haga clic en CURSOS, haga clic en Westport Heights STAR, debajo de MATERIALES (debería ser la página predeterminada), encontrará un enlace a Westport Heights STAR Zoom Room.

* Por favor, asegure que cada estudiante inicie sesión desde su propio dispositivo si su hogar tiene más de un estudiante.

¡Esperamos verte hoy más tarde!

Brandonj@starinc.org 3102940098



Westport Heights Elementary School: Core Values

Westport Heights Elementary School's core values commit that “WHES is a Caring and Collaborative Community that nurtures Creativity and inspires Critical Thinking for all learners. WHES Cares.

Caring can be shown in many ways at a school. One of the ways to share Kudos across our community is to give KUDOS. When you care, you can "...spend time emphasizing the positive experiences... Just like you say “thank you” to a cashier for your change (aka “just doing their job”), giving a quick appreciation is polite, respectful, and an important part of building...relationships. It’s nice to know you are appreciated, even when it’s just the smaller moments!" [excerpt from KudosNow.com] See our Kudos of the Week below to highlight a few of those moments at WHES...

Re-Opening Family Selection Link

When it is safe, LAUSD is giving every family a choice – a return to campus or continuing with online. Please complete Program Selection form for each child by Sunday, December 6. If no response is collected, the default option will be Hybrid Model.

Return to Campus - Family Guide

To find out more about the District's plans to re-open when it is safe, please use this resource. It describes the two instructional program options available for elementary schools.

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Teacher and Staff Announcements and Reminders

All Staff Please read the announcements below for any information which pertains to you:

All Staff:

  1. Thank you to those staff members who join our weekly assembly on Mondays at 9 am. The assembly serves the purpose of sharing information about our school community. In order to maintain a common message, please make sure to include the 9 am - 9:20 am slot in your calendar. The expectation is that all will join us unless they are otherwise engaged in school business.
  2. We plan to have a Holiday Drive through for staff and students in December on the last day of school. We invite you to join us to celebrate the completion of a remote semester and share a holiday gift with you on Friday, December 18, 2020, from 1 pm - 4 pm.
  3. Please complete the School Experience Survey and share a screenshot of your completion by email to Ms. Blanca and cc'ing Ms. Isabel. You will each receive a $5 Starbucks gift card upon completion.
  4. All Staff Meeting Monday, December 14, 2020. Classified and Certificated. Mark your calendars.

This week, there will be observations for LD West PD Signature Strategies with CoS Admin, Jennifer Sullivan, and Principal Hughes and Regina Myles SEL Coordinator


  1. Reminder: As discussed during PD and in previous WHES Newsletters, please make School Experience Survey completion an assignment in Schoology in your course. Parents have requested to turn in the items, but need an assignment in Schoology, or another platform like SeeSaw and Class Dojo to do so.
  2. Edulastic Testing Window #1 is 11/2/20 - 12/4/20; EXTENDED DEADLINE: December 16, 2020. Testing Window #2 2/22/21 - 3/5/21; and Testing Window #3 5/24/21 - 6/4/2. Please prepare to share strategies about how the first rollout has been going with your colleagues.
  3. Reminder: Attendance Folders are in Schoology. Please use the rosters emailed you by Ms. Mona to create the digital version for attendance back up and for uploading pics of the notes from families for absences.
  4. UTLA Representative needed for Westport. The District wants the name of the UTLA Representative for Westport. Please work together to find a representative UTLA Chapter Chair for you at Westport and communicate to the principal the name of the elected UTLA Rep.
  5. As part of the planning process to prepare schools for a return to campus, beginning November 30, 2020, Teachers will receive an email informing them of a short staff survey to complete. The Teacher survey is available and will be completed by employees in MyPLN. Teachers will automatically receive a notice to complete the survey through MyPLN. Please preview the attached document which contains the language used in the Faculty Survey. The Employee Guide is a resource included as part of the survey and can be viewed through the link https://reopening.lausd.net/employeeguide
  6. ACTION ITEM: Please refer to the email sent from Ms. Kennedy in early November. (November 6th email entitled: Whole Child Integrated Data Access). We need each of you to request access to the Whole Child Access System before the November 7th PD. Please follow the directions in the email on how to request access.

To request access:

1. Click on the following link:

a. https://oneaccess.lausd.net/

2. Sign in using your full SSO (including @lausd.net) and password

3. Scroll towards the bottom of the screen until you see the Whole Child application

4. Click “Manage/Edit” roles

5. Click on “New Request”

6. Select your role/location from the drop down menu

7. Agree to the terms and conditions, and click “Submit Request”

Be sure to save a copy of your submission confirmation in case there is a need to contact ITD.

7. Schoology Training (NBC Hours available)

***Please share with teachers at your school site.***


The following Schoology training sessions are available until the end of the semester. If you are interested, please register through MyPLN (Keyword: Fall2020).

For more learning opportunities, please visit training website http://achieve.lausd.net/plstraining.

Thank you for all you do!

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Ms Stark's Virtual Office aka The Calm Room

Everything in room has clickable links with various calming strategies and tools like deep breathing exercises, relaxing music, and sensory games. This will be a good resource for students experiencing frustration and stress with remote learning.