Friday Coffee Chat

Friday, February 5th, 2016

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Something Different

I have so much gratitude for you all this week, and am so inspired by each of you who are stretching and growing as you reach for the STARS, set big GOALS, and wake up determined to do something different, because you want something different - YOUR WHY!!!

February has gotten off to an incredible start with this beautiful weather, and people are in GREAT MOODS and are READY TO BOOK! Sandy Jamieson booked in 5 days tight this week by just REACHING OUT, and that's really the key to booking - making those calls and asking the question - you'll be surprised by how many times you hear YES when you do the work!! Have you seen our BOOKING BLISS CHALLENGE on Facebook? Make some time for booking this weekend and not only will you be rewarded with a full trunk show calendar, BUT you can win that gorgeous Bliss Necklace for your collection! Full details below!

Also keep reading for all kinds of information about our upcoming events, team meetings, HOOPLA and the brand new 'STYLIST SNEAK PEEK' call series that I am offering weekly on Sunday evenings (thru live Facebook chats) with my pacing partners to help all our teams grow through sponsoring!!




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Week 1 of our Sky Full of Stars series was AMAZING!

Thanks to everyone who dialed into Wednesday night's week # 1 ZOOM call in our Sky Full of Stars call series designed to help all of us reach our goals this Spring! We are really excited to go on this journey with you!!! To catch the recording visit our Team page on FB here and click on the Pinned post (at top of page - or click on Pinned post from your mobile phone):

Here is our week # 1 challenge:

1. Create your plan to promote Star and share with your sponsor and ME within 24 hours. Refer to the Coach to Star Worksheet to help you to get started!

2. Schedule your weekly 1:1 coaching calls with your sponsor for the rest of the month – 4 total.

3. Reach out to 10 per day this week with a goal of booking 4 to 6 Trunk Shows for the month! You can do it! And when you do, jump over to our team page to add your shows to the Booking BLISS incentive! Check in with your sponsor as you go.

Let's flood our Facebook event page with ideas and support and stay in touch!

Next ‪#‎skyfullofstars‬ Call #2 ZOOM chat will be Tues Feb 9th at 8:30 pm with Serina Manek and Annie Elizabeth as the co hosts (recorded as well!)

Thank you April Fynes and everyone for joining in this week!!

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Happy February Team! The Sign-up special may be over (not that we stop sharing our opportunity far and wide each and every month because we have so much to offer!!) but for this week ... let's transition our focus to


We have so many new team members who have joined our team and this is the perfect chance to help your new stylists get their first few launch shows booked and in the lounge with a Booking incentive to help get you guys into the fun & competitive spirit!!

FOR EVERY NEW FEBRUARY TRUNK SHOW BOOKED (*must be a new show booked between Tues/2 and Sun/7 and entered in lounge) post on the thread on our Trendsetters Facebook page with the Date of your trunk show and be entered to win this gorgeous BLISS NECKLACE to add to your collection! Each new trunk show gets an entry - Book 4 shows - get 4 entries! The perfect pop of colour for the month of LOVE!

This incentive runs through SUNDAY FEBRUARY 7th and I will draw one lucky lady's name on Monday February 8th!

AND ... for every 10 shows we book as a team, I'll draw a name for a fun SURPRISE from me!!!

There is also another thread you should check out with February Words to Say and Booking Images that you can use to reach out and book your shows!


Sponsoring Help - Weekly Opportunity Events are coming your way!

You may have noticed since coming back from Director's Summit, I have partnered with some of my pacing partners (and now dear friends!) Sarah Loftus, Samantha Ballard, Andrea Seeney and Gina Bogda - the Dream Chasers - to offer our teams WEEKLY, online chats that we have called: Stylist Sneak Peek: Learn More About Becoming a Stella & Dot Stylist.

These will take place Sunday evenings at 9 PM EST and can be used as a tool for you to invite your potential stylists to on a regular basis. I just set this week's up, and will be inviting those of you who I know are interested in sponsoring.

If you have a goal of growing your team and your income this year, if you have a goal of earning the trip to Costa Rica, if you have a goal of promoting to STAR and beyond before Hoopla than sponsoring is the ticket to do so! This is a tool that you can utilize weekly and invite your potentials too!

**Please note - when you invite a potential stylist, please make sure you reach out directly to them and let them know you invited them - do not invite the same potential over and over again if they are not responsive and not attending the event! You will sponsor through connections so make sure you have connected with your potential, that they understand what they are being invited to, and then jump on the Live Chat with them so they feel supported by you and our community from the beginning! This will help you sponsor!!**

I have created a thread on our Trendsetters Facebook page, so please comment there to let me know if you would like to be added to this PRIVATE event (you need an invite to view it) and team leaders please make sure your teams are invited to this Stylist Sneak Peek if you know they are interested in sponsoring!

Weekly Training and Tips you do not want to miss:

Core skills - Hostess Coaching:

All Stylist Business Blitz:

How to Earn Glam Getaway 2017:

All Canadian Stylist Call with Danielle Redner:

Hoopla Registration is now OPEN! Register by NEXT FRIDAY and score a $50 Product Credit!!

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If you see a future for yourself with Stella & Dot, you should come to Hoopla. If you want to grow your income, you should come to Hoopla. If you want to feel inspired, motivated, and uplifted by 3000 beautiful happy women, then you should come to Hoopla. If you need a guilt free girls trip, you should come to Hoopla (and write off the expenses!)

If you are on the fence about what this can do for your business, trust me when I say this will be one of the best investments you can make personally and professionally. Check our team page on FB under files to see 100 reasons to go to Hoopla!

It's official - Registration is open! And the really great part? You'll get $50 in product credit for registering by 2/12 AND you can pay for your registration in installments!!

Click here to get yourself registered NOW!!

Email me with any fears/concerns/hesitations as I would love for you to be with us this year!

Who's Coming to Our Oakville Team Meeting on Monday?!

  • When: Monday, February 8th, 2016 from 7-9PM

  • Where: Quality Suites Hotel - Bronte Room, 754 Bronte Road, Oakville, ON

Come join us for an evening of fun and fashion! We'll chat about building up our businesses in Q1, keeping momentum going through the Spring/Summer season, have some fun training, plus prizes, recognition, give-aways and MORE!

We will also have a special guest speaker Joti, who is an accountant for many Stella & Dot stylists and will provide us with great information about tax preparation as an Independent Stylist!


Meet Stella and Dot opportunity event will be from 6:30-7:00 with the meeting beginning promptly at 7:00. Register separately for our Meet Stella & Dot opportunity event by CLICKING HERE:


Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for Hosting a Trunk show, wearing one necklace, joining my team of AMAZING Stylists and for reading this email. My business would simply not be, without YOU!

With Gratitude,

Kristi xo