The Green Island

Anthony Eyre

Dear Debby,

I read a book.

The name of the book is "Green Island".

The author is Anthony Eyre.

The characters in the book are:

Two brothers – Bill and Tom. A thief and his fat friend. Mr. Ford, the policeman. A woman that came to the police station.

The book is an adventure book.

The book is about two young brothers, Bill and Tom, that live in a village near the river.

Bill is older than Tom, and he has a boat. One night the two brothers saw a thief running with a big bag and taking Bills’ boat.

In the next morning the two brothers swam in the river and saw the thief on an island in the river called the "Green Island". Then the two brothers saw a fat man coming with another boat to the green island. The fat man was a friend of the thief, and the thief put the big bag in the fat man's boat.

The two brothers saw that the thief was sleeping and the fat man was swimming in the river. The two brothers took the fat man's boat and went up the river to Mr. Ford, the policeman. Mr. Ford saw the bag and caught the thief and his fat friend, with the two brothers' help.

I learnt a lot of new words from the story. Here are some of them:

Thief -גנב River -נהר Village -כפר Town -עיר Island -אי Bag -תיק

I recommend you to read this book, too.

Yours, Eran.

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Eran Barak, 4th Grade (No.1)