My Great Grandpa

He's "Great"

Start Of Life For My Great Grandpa And Death For My Grandpa

My great grandpa's name was Orla Jacob Reese. My grandpa's birthday was july 7th in 1906 in Calumet, Oklahoma. The city of Calumet has 553 people living in it right now. He was the son of William Leroy Reese and Jency Sultania Permelia Reese. He was one of 6 kids. He found the love of his life, Dorothy Steanson Reese and they got married on December 23, 1933.(They had 6 kids BTW) ( My grandpa Chuck was one of them.) He did die in 1995 on march 5th in Calumet, Oklahoma.

Education / Occupation

He graduated in 1923 at Calumet High School. He got a degree in Husbandry from Oklahoma A and M. (A and M is now known as Oklahoma State University) ( OSU for short) He farmed near his home, and mainly farmed wheat, corn, milo, and his favorite was cotton. He also raised livestock such as cattle and hogs.

While he was farming, he still owned a Chevrolet dealership in Calumet. He also owned a farmers implement store along with an electronics store when tvs first came out.

History Around Him

In his time the world's first radio sets were being advertised. By the way did you know that the first animated cartoon was copyrighted in 1906. A tragic SF earthquake came and killed 452. The 1st motion pictures shown in Hawaii. The first airplane flight in Europe.

Fun Facts

My great grandpa was a pilot. He loved to fly a plane. He once flew from Dallas to his home where he made a landing strip on a field near his home. Without ever seeing the ground because of the fog and clouds. He figured out how to navigate the controls and came down 3 miles from home and landed safely.

Since 1927 and until this day, there has been either a teacher, student, administrator, or school board member still in Calumet, Oklahoma.

He once caught a federal prisoner that had escaped. He found him in a cornfield when he was working in the field. Orla grabbed an item from his truck then Orla tied him up and drove him to the authorities and the prisoner went back to to the federal prison. This prisoner (WE BELIEVE) he found did the Oklahoma Bombing. (This is Before Cell Phones.)

My Family And Schools.

Great Grandpa Orla was one of the only people in my family who didn't be a teacher, professor, other school occupations. Teaching goes down my family ladder till it hits my grandpa who was an professor. Then my sister, Courtney teaches at Washburn. I might even become a teacher some day, or maybe my brother, Cooper will.

How I Got To Kansas

Orla's second oldest son got a doctorate degree in mechanical engineering and he got a job teaching at KU. He moved out here to teach for a few years and then planned on moving on to make the "Big Bucks." He loved teaching so much he retired as an professor at KU. ROCK CHALK. We must of liked Kansas so much and we never wanted to move. This is how I am here with you all right now (He's my GRANDFATHER)

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