Poetry Project

I wish

I wish I had no homework

I wish I had better grades

I wish I had fifa 15

I wish I had a car

I wish I had million dollars

I wish I had chance to go to the world cup

I wish I had 7 more wishes

I wish I had a magic wand

to make all my wishes

come true.

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11 players on the field

1 soccer ball

Screaming fans everywhere

Looking at fans

Looking at the sky

The ball passing through the air

The ball comes to you

Not knowing what to do

Desperately I take shoot

hoping it will go in

The passes between two players legs

Ball gets close to the net

The goalie cant stop the ball

Next thing I know

The ball hits the net

Everybody screams

Fans go wild

And They Scream


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As the grass grows more green

The fans cheers louder and louder

Emotion grow more and more

Fans screaming " we wonna win"

The ball is kicked

the match begins

flying across the field like a bird


Waiting for someone to score

Eager for the first goal to come

Eager to win the game

This is the sport

The sport that keeps me going

Around, Around the world

Around Around my thoughts.

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