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Sap BO introduces By BERNARD LIAUTAUD and Denis payre in 1990.Its an enterprise software company specializing in business intelligence (BI). Its flagship product is BO, with components that provide management, planning, reporting, query and analysis and enterprise information management. Business Objects also offers consulting and education services to help customers deploy its business intelligence sap bo training in india


The intervening period, SAP made “some significant changes” in the Business Objects development organization with a focus on improving quality and stability and unveiled an advance tech 4.1version having software suite that features support for more than 140 data source and the more stable deployments. After arrival of 4.1 customers still running version 3.1 will make the leap and upgrade. It may also be helped by a feature that supports the use of Desktop Intelligence, or Desk I, The new version including Amazon Web Services’ Elastic Map Reduce and Hadoop Hive. The release also brings new SDK (software development kits) and APIs (application programming interfaces) for partners, including one that allows them to create more advanced visualizations.

The main components in SAP BO:

A) DATA WARHEOUSING:sap bo online training in ameerpet

Data warehousing is a database used for reporting & data analysis. The main source of the database is cleaned, transformed, cataloged It was made available for use by managers and other business professionals for data mining, online analytical processing, market research and decision support. It is a straight forward process and easier to understand for the user 00 to operate very quickly.


The collection of information is called a database. It was easily be accessed organized to model relevant aspects of reality and easy to managed, and updated and supports processes requiring this information. It is specially designed applications that interact with the user, and the database itself to capture and analyze data. Database prevalent in large mainframe systems and also present in mid frames system such as the AS/400 and on personal computers and also present in smaller distributed workstation. The relation database is a prevalent approach, Tabular database in which data is defined and reorganized and accessed in number of different ways. . Computer database typically contain aggregations of data files, records, such as sales transactions, product catalogs and inventories and customer profile. An object-oriented programming database is one that defined in object subclasses and bo training institutes in ameerpet


This section outlines the overall platform architecture, system, and service. To provide flexibility, reliability, and scalability, the components that make up Business Objects Enterprise can be installed on one or many machines. Even install two Business Objects Enterprise deployments simultaneously on the same hardware, although this configuration is recommended only for upgrade or testing purposes. This information will help to form a plan for the deployment and administrator, management, and maintenance of a Business Objects Enterprise installation. End-users can access, create, edit, and interact with reports using specialized tools and applications that include:

• Crystal Reports.

• Web Intelligence.

• Desktop Intelligence.

• Voyager

• Dashboard Builder

• Dashboard and Analytics.


Universe Design use to representation of organization’s data and helps to access data autonomously by using natural business terms and isolates business users from the technical details of the database where source data is stored. The application allows users to create universes in an easy manner and intuitive graphical environment. It is easy to maintain the data security. It was made up of classes and objects that are mapped to the source data in the database and accessed through queries and reports. Users retrieve data using descriptive terms with company business terminology.


The study and research of the application of information technology and artificial intelligence on the web to create the Future generation of products, services and frameworks based on the Web .The concepts is to create documents with queries and restrict data returned by a query and design and enhance and presentation of the reports . Analyze the data and to calculate with formulas with character and data string function by using multiple data sources. Work with advanced query techniques and manage and share web intelligence documents. And create hyperlinks


To click interface Xcelsius tool is rapid development of visualizations and highly interactive. Xcelsius is a tool that enables the integration of dynamic updated data into PDF, Microsoft office. it was designer and viewing extensions leveraging of business object .


Administration role will be responsible for the day to day support and maintenance of overall environment. Administration Enterprise includes two key:

 Central Management Console (CMC): The CMC is the web-based administration tool that allows you to view and to modify server settings while Business Objects Enterprises running

 Central Configuration Manager (CCM): The CCM is a troubleshooting tool that allows you to configure and manage the Server Intelligence Agent. The Server Intelligence Agent is the component that allows you to manage all servers through the CMC.


The Desktop Intelligence there will be Cache Server, Job Server, and Processing Server

Cache server: From the page server it intercepts reports sent from clients. if cache failure to fulfill the request with a cached report page the request goes to page server and runs the report and returns in the form of result. For the future use the cache server cached the report page and sends the report to the viewer.

Job Server: It scheduling the request from receives from CMS for desktop Intelligence documents and it generates the documents.

A Desktop Intelligence Job Server hosts the following services:

• Destination Configuration Service

• Desktop Intelligence Scheduling Service

Processing server: It hosts the following services:

Processing service and single sign-on service


Web intelligence rich client provides business users with an easy to use interactive and flexible user interface for building and analyzing reports on corporate data over the web, on secured intranets and extranets. The Web Intelligence Software is installed by your administrator on a web server on your corporate Network.


IT is a semantic layer of abstraction and exists between business objects and organization’s database. It is a multi-dimensional object to analyze the data without needing. With both universe builder and designer we can create metadata source. It provides an independent user interface for creation from metadata source. Designer is the end of the creation process.


The Business Objects Enterprise architecture addresses the many security concerns that affect today's businesses and organizations. The current release supports features such as distributed security, single sign-on, resource access security, granular object rights, and third-party Windows NT, LDAP, and Windows AD authentication in order to protect against unauthorized access. Because Business Objects Enterprise provides the framework for an increasing number of components from the Enterprise family of Business Objects products, this section details the security features and related functionality to show how the framework itself enforces and maintains security. As such, this section does not provide explicit procedural details; instead, it focuses on conceptual information and provides links to key procedures.


Wizard is a tool creating the BIAR file and seeding or exhorting the reports from older vision to newer vision. The organization to develop the production by using the cma name, user, password. Though migration of older vision to newer vision of reports could be done manually of BO to Desk I.

Sap bo Online Training | Sap bo training in Hyderabad | Online Sap Training

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Sap bo Online Training | Sap bo training in Hyderabad | Online Sap Training