Greek Gods

Three main Gods

The gods sons

Sons of Gods

The main god Zeus had a son named Hercules. The second main god is Poseidon he had a son named Percy Jackson. Now the third main god is Hades his son name is Nico but Nico is evil, But I like because of his powers.


Now Nicos powers are ... when there's a shadow by putting one single inch of him self he disappears. And can make zombies, blood eating monsters. The son of Poseidon, Percy Jackson can control water. Now Zeuses son is Herules, Herules has strenth of one-hundred man. And that is cool.

The gods are enemies but the sons are freinds

Sons freinds/Gods enemies!!!

Now the only way for a god to be enemies with another god, is if Zeus choses another god over another god. But their sons their cool their cool!? Like how Zeus chose Athena over Poseidon to rule over the Olympus, the Olympus is where all the gods are. that's why (Poseidon and Athena hate each other!) But their sons Percy and Annabeth are not just friends they have a love connection!!!

did you now!?

Did you now that Percy Jackson has a pen that has a name, REPTIDE and when you click the pen it turns into a sword!? And did you also now that Percy has a HELLHOUND. Did you now that Percy can also regenerate by touching water.


(1) Hellhound... Means man eating dog.

(2) Reptide... means sword.