Wear your PPE!

Why is it important to wear your Personal Protective Equipment?

For certain jobs such its a strict rule to wear your PPE, wearing your PPE will mostly save your life or prevent you from getting injured.

A few examples of this is:


  • Stab proof vests
Those working in a environment with vehicles:
  • Lanyard/ID
  • Steel-cap toe boots
  • High visibility vest or jacket
  • Fire retardant trousers
These simple piece of clothing can save you or keep you out of harms way.
  • Ear plugs/Ear defenders will protect your hearing from loud vehicles.
  • Helmets will protect your head from falling objects
  • Gloves will protect your hands from substances that may irritate the skin and from fires as well as sharp objects.
  • High visibility clothing will make you more visible to poor sighted people or people who can't fully see through fog or the night, it makes you more visible so you are less likely to be run over or injured.
  • Eye protection keeps debris from getting in your eyes.
  • Steel-cap boots will protect your feet from heavy objects when they fall.

There is no EXCUSES, wearing your PPE will help you.

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