2016 Broadway Ensemble

10/13/16 Ensemble Newsletter #10

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Be the Example

This is a blanket reminder for all ensemble members.

You are the group that all the students are looking up to.

Be the absolute best example you can be. This means while you are performing ensemble numbers, performing with your other choirs, speaking with people.

Be respectful, be kind, be the best possible version of yourself!

Matinee performance expectations. TUESDAY October 18th

Although this is more than a week away - it's going to creep up on us fast!

  • Be sure to have a hearty breakfast.
  • Be sure to bring a water bottle already filled.

Time: All ensemble students must be in G105 no later than 7 am

Ladies- hair 1/2 up 1/2 down in show choir curls Full makeup

Men - clean shaven and hair neatly back and sprayed down if needed

We suggest ladies that you arrive in your tights and nude leotard...two less things to get on.

It will be very chaotic with multiple choirs arriving to get dressed. Our expectation is that Ensemble kids come in, get dressed and get seated in the audience.

Important Links for Ensemble

On each email I send out, these links will always be included for you to easily reference.