Malware Warning!

Be aware!


A Trojan is an application that appears to do something useful such as a computer game (which is why you loaded it on to your computer in the first place) but quietly, behind the scenes it is doing something with ill-intent.

A trojan may...

  • Log all your keystrokes and then send the details to a remote computer / server. Used to capture your passwords
  • Allow someone else to take control of your computer whilst you are online.
  • Capture screen shots and send them to a remote computer, once again with the intent of obtaining confidential information such as financial screen shots.


These are a bit like a computer virus but they spread on their own through computer networks. Their biggest problem is the sheer amount of computer time and bandwidth they soak up, so making the network slow to a crawl.

Computer Virus...

A Computer Virus is a software program that is designed to copy itself over and over again and to attach itself to other programs.

It is important to understand that viruses do NOT damage the hardware. They affect the data and programs stored on your computer.

How do you get them?

  • e-mail attachments
  • infected web pages
  • downloading a file from the web

Key logging...

Key logging
is when someone/something in monitoring your what keys you use. They do this to gain personal information and information you wouldn't normally share with others!

How does it work?

Hacker creates a trojan horse with key logging virus in it ------ when you click on the hackers website the trojan horse infects your files and steals your personal information ---- sends it back to the hacker and then the hacker has your information.