From the Library

Nov. 18

Dec. Ebooks

Want a great reindeer read aloud? Fiction or Nonfiction? How about a haiku-a-day added to your win time? Need a hanukkah book for morning meeting? All of these choices and more are available in our ebook collection. Your login is your last name and the password is books. Click this link to access the books or choose link #10 on the primary library page. Please DON'T check out the books! Just open them!

Hmmm... Can I pull up the ebook library on the ipad for independent student reading? YES YOU CAN!

Coins Inquiry Group

Coin books, coin apps, and skip counting! Mrs. Linse will spend a week with any kiddos you deem fit for this small group review... which will prepare the participants to demonstrate the apps back at your class as turnkey leaders. 5 days, at a time of your choice (typically 1:45 or 2:30) Starts the week after Thanksgiving.

Just Sign Up

Neat Webpage

Want a wonderful 10 minute filler or 20 minute class activity? The Scholastic Story Starters webpage lets you "shake a phrase" with various writing prompts in 3 genres. This would also make a great genre or parts of speech review. Click the link to try it out--no signup necessary.

iPad Homework

Don't forget to take your iPad home with you over vacation. Your library homework is to explore at least one folder to begin to see how you might assign different apps to certain students for support.