Intec Newsletter

August 2013

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Welcome back to school. Below, we have some tips to make the start of your year run more smoothly and effectively. Once you are in the swing, imagine how much extra time and energy you will have to devote to molding 21st Century Learners!

Remind 101- Parent Communication Made SIMPLE!

Remind 101 a FREE service that allows you to send text messages to your families from your computer or smart phone. Your phone number is not revealed and your families' numbers are not revealed to you. Parents opt in to receive your messages and reminders can be scheduled for future dates. Mr. Scott at Dutch Fork Elementary is also using it with his staff to keep them up to date with the latest developments. Texting is where it is at!

Class Dojo- Behavior Management made EASY!

ClassDoJo is another free online service you can use to record and generate data about your students' behaviors. Enter your students' names and select or create the behaviors that you want to track, classifying them as negative or positive. Once you have created your class lists and selected behaviors to track, actually tracking behaviors is easy and can be done from your computer, or mobile device.
Students can view their records by signing into their records through secret codes assigned to them- and make reflections on them!! Parents can have reports about their children sent to them by you.

Collect Back to School Information with Google Forms

Google forms is one of the easiest Google tools to use. To create one, go to your Google drive>Create>Form. That's it! Choose your style and give it a title- then add your questions! Make sure when you publish that you pay attention to how you share the form (remove all blocks and make it public for parents so everyone can complete it) Embed it on or link it to your website, point it out on Parent Night- and viola. Make sure to point our that all information is confidential and no one will see it but you. No more deciphering preferred email address chicken scratch and loose papers with confidential information!

Click here for some assistance.

Need Technology Integration Ideas?

Your InTecs have created a "Technology Integration Projects" Blog where you can look at projects that other teachers are doing in their classroom. The best part, you can view them by grade level, subject and even by application. Check out the blog at and look to see if your class projects are there