how unique

by: amy lee snyder

what technique

God made us, everyone of us unique and we can tell by our different personalities, reflection, and talents. if you don't believe that, your loss. but one thing I've got to say God has done a great miracle in so many other peoples lives and the way he created everything in order of HIS liking, I don't have any reason why I shouldn't believe in his wonderful story.


in the beginning...

wow! some beginning, that way it's like showing off that this book is true and you should believe everything that it says or else. I know from personal look-backs at my life that God had his gentle hand on me in my struggles and I got out of it quickly. you know even if you don't believe me, it's totally fine. it's your choice! if you did not already know this, but, everything of troubles, issues, fights we get into, it was all part of Gods perfect plan. God never puts anything in front of you that you can not handle. the reason he puts these problems there is to make your connection with God stronger or to make a relationship, a close bond, a new life for you in your newly arranged, beautiful, and actually have a reason worth living.