Air Pollution

Module 6 Project

Air Pollution Causes and Effects

Air pollution not only effects our atmosphere but it also effects our health.
Air pollution is harmful to the environment by causing multiple things like Acid rain, Ozone depletion, harm to wildlife, and global warming.

Air pollution can be harmful to ourselves by causing many health issues like irritation to eyes, bronchitis, pneumonia, lung cancer, and heart disease

How does it affect everyone?

It can cause bad air throughout our homes and can be inhaled by local residents along with friends and family. It makes our government look like the bad guys because they aren't doing anything to help stop it or prevent it. It makes the air all over less clean and can cause health issues to us and our wildlife. However we are not the only country polluting harmful chemicals and pollutants in the air. If the government wants to stop it and need money they could raise taxes to get more money and pay for possible solutions This air pollution could also cause acid rain and destroy our plants and crops killing our animals as well.

Quit making our air we breath in, unhealthier!


What can Businesses and Individuals do?

They can come up with a cool Eco friendly product like a car or an everyday product that we use. Why do we need to make it look appealing? Well because you would want something that catches someones eye like a cool car. If people would think its cool then more people would bye that product and use it everyday.

What are the Externalities of the Product?

Negative- could be more money due to the fact that we may not have the technology know how to make a cool design along with making it Eco friendly.

Positive- not only would environmentalist people buy it but also regular people because it is a cool product that everyone likes and it helps the environment.

What Would be the Solution Without Air Pollution?

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Let people know! This is a problem that can NOT get out of our hands and its something that needs to be stopped NOW!

Logan Hawk

Period 6. Virtual Economics. Coach Z.