Cheerful Chipmunk News

September 2015

A New Start

This month brought many fun and exciting changes to our class room. We said good-bye to many friends moving up the next room, but are very excited to welcome some new friends into our room as well. More big and exciting news is that Miss Jackie will now be a permanent teacher in our room!!! I am so excited about the new faces and the wonderful things we have planned.

Fall Is Coming

We had a lot of fun this summer playing outside and doing lots of fun science and art. We will continue with many new and exciting projects and we look forward to working with all of your children. Now that summer is coming to an end, we will soon be asking for some new extra clothing (weather and size appropriate) so be sure to watch for any notes coming home with your child. Also, fall and winter are especially germy seasons and its a good habit to get into now to have your child start washing their hands frequently. We will be doing the same in our classroom!

Something New

We are excited to start a new project in our room. You will soon be receiving a piece of paper with your child's name on it to take home and decorate. There will be a note attached with more detail, but our plan is have a page for each child to fill with pictures of their family and favorite things. We will make of book of everyone's pages and each child will get to tell the class all about their special things. So start thinking now, we are excited to share this with everyone!

if you have any questions about anything, please feel free to see Miss Caitlin or Miss Jackie. We are always happy to help!!!

Special Events

September 4th - Pajama Day

September 7th - Labor Day - Milestones Closed

September 9th - Happy Birthday Miss Jill

September 11th - Celebrate Grandparents - Make Them a Gift

September 13th - Grandparents Day

September 15th - Happy Birthday Miss Leah

September 23rd - Wear Fall Colors