Druid Hills High School

Red Devil Reflections 12/6

Thank you!

Thank you for a smooth first couple days of EOC testing! It is truly a team effort to ensure our testing students have the type of environment to do their best.

Please reduce absences to only those necessary - it is more difficult to find coverage during testing week than normal, ESPECIALLY if you are absent on a day you are scheduled to assist with testing.

I forgot to mention earlier, but you are welcome to wear jeans on days you are assisting with testing.

Conversion to Heat - Mr. Roberts

It was suggested and agreed upon by Plant Services to not switch the school over to heat until after you returned from the Thanksgiving break. Obviously, you returned last week. I have no say in this matter.

As I mentioned in my last correspondence in my attempt to prepare you for this spell, please bare in mind that the technician handling our school for the last decade or longer retired a month or so ago. Since he solely dealt with our school the newly assigned technicians are very unfamiliar with our system and will need adequate time to get up to speed.

First things first, he must come on site to get the boilers and pumps going. He has yet to come here. I called yesterday and spoke with our Skill Trade Supervisor and apparently it has been decided amongst them that it will take two technicians to get us fully heated. However, only one technician was working yesterday and he was out at other sites getting them heat.

Again, I ask you to try to dress warmly and in layers and ask your students to do the same so you may keep warm during the cooler parts of the day.

An option would be for me to turn off your units so you will, at least, not have any air blowing. If this is your request, then let me know.


Rod Roberts

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Welcome Jazelle Morris, P/T Health/Physical Education Teacher!

Congrats Grady!

Congratulations to Grady Houseworth for making 1st chair Lead Trombone in the Georgia All State Jazz Ensemble. The concert will be Saturday, January 28, 2017 at 11:15am, at the Classic Center on the campus of the University of Georgia.