Save The Rainforest

Help the animals and plant and you will be helping you

A Bigest Threat

the biggest threat for the rainforests is logging (caused by humans) in about 1 minute 200 football filed of rainforest have being destroyed. It so sad that such wonderful places are being destroyed. you may ask who would do such a horrible thing? but everyone is doing something to cause the rainforests to be destroyed. just buying food because in some food there is palm oil which could have come for a palm tree that now stand where a rainforest tree once stood or having a house made of wood from the trees of the rainforest. I am not saying not to live in a house or not to buy food but it wound help save lots of animals ,plant and our wonderful rainforests if when you did buy your food that you read the label and see if it has palm oil and do look out for symbols that do mean something And pleas don't waist things that can be use again!

This is what becomes of our beautiful rainforests