Digital Citizenship

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Self-Image and Identity Online.

Digital Media: This is any audio, video, or photo that is coded and put onto the internet for all to see.

Digital Citizenship: This is they way you act and portray yourself over the internet. You show good digital citizenship through what you say and show.

Digital media plays a huge part in teens lives today. It can be used for the good or the bad. Lets start with the good. Having everything at the click of your finger can help you get school projects done without having to shuffle through lots of books. Teens also use it to keep in touch with all of their friends and famous people they like. But there is also the negative effect. Some people use it to post inappropriate pictures and videos that farther down the road if seen can cause you to not get a job.

Kids Online Tip: Online Identity
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Digital Footprint and Reputation

Digital Footprint: Your digital footprint is the trail you leave after you do something over the internet.

Consequence: Something that happens after and action is done.

The internet is huge. There are people and machines that can hack into your accounts and see all of your personal things. Thus being you should really watch what you say online. If you wouldn't say or show it to your mother or the person you're talking about you probably shouldn't post it. Just because you push delete and it says it's gone that doesn't mean that someone else looked and saved it before you had the chance to delete it. Also it never is really gone. Colleges and workplaces check your digital footprints. If you have said or done things they find unacceptable they will not give you that scholarship or the job even if it happened so long ago. You started forming your digital footprint the minute you signed up to your first website or social networking sight.

Privacy Student Intro Video - The Digital Footprint
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Relationships and Communication

Image: This is how you portray yourself over the internet. Based on the pictures and things you post.

Double Standard: When one set of rules and directed towards a certain group of people. And the rules are different for another group.

Meeting new people on the internet is a great way to learn about new cultures and well meet new people. But there is always a downside. Over the internet you don't have to be who you say. You could think your talking to a person around your age and they live in Germany but really they are a old man sitting in New York City. Being online gives everyone the chance to be the person they want to be. They can live the life they want to. This can get yourself in harms-way.

internet danger video