Fetch! Lunch Rush

Augmented Reality at work in the k-2 classroom

About The Game

Ruff needs help collecting lunch orders for his crew. It is your job to think fast and serve up the lunch orders as fast as possible. The game consists of 5 rounds of 3 addition or subtraction problems. Each one that is correct counts as a correct order.

How It Works

Print out the PDF game pieces. Place them around the classroom (or wherever you will be playing). Fill the lunch orders (solve the equations) by finding the correct numbers on the game pieces around the room. Use your phone to scan the number.
FETCH Lunch Rush App by PBS Kids

Educational Uses

  • number knowledge
  • increase fluency and speed in addition and subtraction facts
  • integrate technology into K-2 classroom
  • game adds ability to incorporate movement into activity

Features I Would Add

  • ability to choose the difficulty of the problems (ex. 0s, 1s, 2s facts, etc)
  • more problems per round
  • addition of other math concepts
  • compatibility with more tablets

Features That Inhibit Learning

  • problems could be too challenging or too easy with no way to differentiate
  • lack of technology resources