Collins & Co. Room 204

Week Twenty-Five (March 2-6)


Happy Pi Day! (tomorrow) Did you know it is the day of the century?? On 3/14/15 at 9:26:53 it will mark the first ten numbers of Pi. Fun, huh? Ask your students about what they did today to celebrate.

Next week, we are starting our Human Growth and Development Unit. The boys and girls will be learning the same material and will be separated during the lessons. On Friday, the Robert Crown Center for Health will be coming to Greenbriar for a presentation called, "Life Begins". The students will be all together for this "field trip".

Ms. Collins and Mrs. Cucco

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We have started our learning about graphing, data, and probability. This week we focused on line plots and how to use them as another way of organizing data. Students found that they can take it one step further and interpret the data on the plot by using order of operations and multiplying fractions. We took a while to review these concepts, but now have a great understanding of how these work!

Next week we will be learning about bar graphs and double bar graphs.

Think Central- Math in Focus Link

Here you can find the virtual text book, workbook pages, and online tutorials. The log in information is on the first page of your students assignment notebook. Find more information on our classroom website by clicking the "Math in Focus" link.

Math Interventionists Webpage for Helpful Links

This website was created as a resource for you at home to go to look for ideas to help your students.

Reading Workshop

We are diving into Non-fiction Text Structures. Students remember this from fourth grade, but are ready to take it to the next level.

We read several passages to help identify the different text structures and look for key words that help us identify the structures that the author used. Identifying these structures will help us understand the text further. We will continue focusing on these in the next several weeks.

Writer's Workshop

We are well into our unit on Op-Ed and have looked at many different pieces. Looking at these mentor pieces is giving us an idea of what makes good - and not so good- writing.

We have narrowed our topics down and even have identified our audiences. This is a result of spending time talking about theme, audience, and topic sentence.

We also began a creative writing piece about leprechauns! Some chose to write a story about "How to Catch a Leprechaun" while others chose to write about "If I Caught a Leprechaun...".


In Science Lab, the students participated in an experiment to determine the surface area of their largest organ, the skin. They used a measuring tape and their math skills to estimate their skin's surface area and made a paper model to display their results.

They also learned about genetics, genes, and traits by using a Punnett Square to show possible combinations of the cross between the genes of two organisms. They took turns presenting their findings.

Ask your Student about:

  • Recess!
  • Pi Day
  • All the students wanting to read aloud!
  • The cliffhanger today in The Shadow Throne!
  • Science Lab punnett squares
  • Our KidSmarts trait- Responsibility
  • Musical rehearsals

Things to come:

  • March 17th: St. Patrick's Day
  • March 17th-19th: Human Growth and Development Week
  • March 19th: Robert Crown at Greenbriar
  • March 28-April 3: Spring Break