MSE Group Fitness w/ Harold Fevrier

Group/circuit training. All levels of fitness are welcome.

Circuit Training

This fast paced and energetic method includes between 8-10 different stations. There are many benefits of using this method some include keeping your workouts interesting and saving time while boosting cardiovascular and muscular fitness. With circuit training there are endless combinations of exercises constantly challenging your body.

Every Friday at 3:30-4:30 PM. Cost is $5.00 if you pay (4) sessions in advance. $10 single day.

The first step in achieving fitness is establishing consistency. The hardest part of working out is going to the gym. Well, you are already here! Just walk down the hall and enjoy the environment with your awesome MSE staff. They will be sure to make your exercise way more enjoyable!
What if I am not in shape?
Harold works with all ages and fitness levels. He has trained people from 14-90 and couch potatoes to mountain climbers.
What is TRX?
This method of training utilizes your own body weight and gravity to obtain a full body workout, while also tightening your core, building lean muscle, and boosting metabolism. Other benefits of this method include increased flexibility, balance, range of motion, and strength.

Harold's Hardbodies

Harold's Hardbodies applies a unique approach to group and personal training by using suspension training with the TRX suspension training system and by integrating cardio and strength training into each session. The TRX system improves your total body strength, balance, flexibility, core strength, and joint range-of-motion by harnessing the resistance of your own body weight and gravity. By utilizing a blend of both cardio and strength training in each session, you will maximize your results without having to spend hours in a gym.

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