Doll Bones

By Holly Black

Read the best adventure/paranormal doll plot novel of this century!

When Zach Alice and Poppy are tasked with burying a possessed doll by word of Poppy's dreams, the 3 must embark on a regular bus route. However, things start getting a bit more difficult after getting off the bus. Together the 3 find that they're in the wrong town and they must get the doll to the right town before their parents find out. It's all down hill from here, making Doll Bones a fantastic read for anyone who's ever wondered what would happen if they broke the daily norm.

Thoughts & Opinions

This 244 page book will have readers reading like there's no tomorrow. Younger readers will love the realism of the characters, where older readers will enjoy the action, agreat book for ages 10-14.

Main Characters

Guaranteed to have you glued to the pages, and never wanting to stop

Praise for Doll Bones

"Best book I've read this year" - Matheson Hovi

"It's cool" -Connor Moore

"Really makes you shiver" -Connor Roth

"Awesome!" - Savannah Swalve

"Creepyness" - Abhinav

"I think it looks like a thrilling book, and it would be a fun read" - Annabelle Guss

mini summary

Imagine if one of your toys came to life magically and wanted you to take on an almost impossible quest. This is the same problem Zach, Alice, and Poppy have to face after Poppy claims that her doll wants her to take it to a cemetery. Zach and Alice however, remain skeptical. they keep thinking that Poppy’s making stuff up as they go along, as a trick to get them to play one last game. however, this is not the case as Zach too starts having dreams of the dolls past life, people start referring to the doll as a real girl, and the doll starts moving during the night. If you like tales of epic quests and creepy activity then I strongly recommend this thrilling book.


The map represents how the kids were going on a journey with an eventual end goal looming over them. It also shows how unclear their path was, in a grave yard under a willow tree, that's it.

"'Alice...' We're not going to make it. he wanted to tell her. There's no way. We don't even know where we're going.

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Author's Craft

Readers will be able to relate to how Zach acts on impulse. He's very kind, but can also be flaky when it comes to thinking plans through

Intended audience

People from grades 5-8 will LOVE this adventure/horror by relating to the characters, and their emotions.


94 haunted dolls/100 found this to be the most amazing action-adventure they've read in this lifetime


What happens when everyday kids get tasked with burying a haunted doll? What Would Happen if the did? What if they didn't?

Who knows?

Last Words

Wow! You look like you must LOVE a book with a great quest/paranormal doll plot, I can tell from that look in your eye. I know what you're thinking: "yeah right." "I'd probably get bored" "I never really liked all that creepy stuff anyway." "I am NOT thinking that" "how did you-?" Well I'm hear to tell you that

(1 Yes you WOULD appreciate it, I had the same thoughts as you before reading.

and (2 I'm psychic, that's how.

If you've read my ranting to this degree of now 7 lines of text then you will NOT be bored by Doll Bones, an adventure for the ages.