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What is this newsletter about?

Each month, we will be sharing tips, strategies, information, and ideas for your classroom. If you are in need of resources, materials, etc., let one of the instructional coaches or Ms. Greiner know and we will help in any way!

Virtual Learning Tools Folder

We are constantly adding and updating resources in the Virtual Learning Tools Folder in the AMI-X Plans 2020-2021 Shared Drive. Make sure you check this often!

If you find a resource that you feel would benefit other teachers, please let Ms. Greiner or Ms. Ward know and we will check it out!

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Important Professional Development Committee Information


During January's PD Committee Meeting, it was discussed and approved for teachers to submit virtual professional development reimbursements which happened on the teacher's own time. Those virtual PD sessions may be allowed for teacher compensation. This compensation would be similar to tutoring hours. The following MUST BE MET in order for the virtual PD session compensation to be considered:

  1. Discussion with principal
  2. Submit PD Activity Request Form (found on district website)
  3. PD Request MUST be approved by principal

Once the PD Request has been submitted and approved by the principal, the PD Committee will meet to review and vote on the Request. An email will then be sent out to the teacher.

*NOTE: If you have participated in a virtual PD session prior to February, please talk with your principal to see if you may be eligible for this compensation.

Virtual Teaching Humor

Teachers in March 2020 vs Teachers in Jan 2021

Hexagonal Thinking

The Cult of Pedagogy has a podcast explaining the teaching strategy: Hexagonal Thinking. Below you will find a link to the podcast, along with a post explaining the strategy with pictures.

10 Powerful Instructional Strategies

The following instructional strategies have been researched and proven to provide student success. They are:

  1. Essential Question
  2. Activating Strategy
  3. Relevant Vocabulary
  4. Limited Lecture
  5. Graphic Organizers
  6. Student Movement
  7. Higher Order Thinking (HOT) Questions
  8. Summarize
  9. Rigor
  10. Student-Centered

Each of these strategies, when used appropriately and correctly, can promote student success in the classroom. For more information and examples on how a school district has used these strategies, visit:


We are pleased to announce that Ms. Calley Rogers will be on the PD Committee starting in August 2021. She will be representing the elementary building and will be taking the place of Ms. Rebekah Wann since her term is ending this school year. Welcome!

Professional Development Committee Information

The PD Committee Meets on the Last Tuesday of Each Month at 3:30pm in the MS/HS Library. If you need any Professional Development Support, please contact one of the committee members below.

Professional Development Committee Members:

Maygen Ward-Chair & District Instructional Coach

Amanda Munson-Administrative Liaison

Stephanie Greiner-District Curriculum Director

Linda Buchanan-Elementary Instructional Coach

RuthAnn Wallace-elementary

Carla Walker-elementary

Rebekah Wann-elementary

Mandy Adey-middle school

Shelly Mutzebaugh-middle school

vacant position-high school

Matt Peterson-high school

Wytney Steelman-vocational building

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