Burrolibrary Teacher Connection

Here to Help!

Happy New Year!

New Year & New Resolutions! I resolve to jumpstart my Burrolibrary Teacher Connection and keep this going every Monday! There is so much going on in the library and I want to make sure everyone is aware of the possibilities Students, teachers, & community have available to them here at Hillsboro's library.

Do You Want to Start a Project?

Building, starting, or just thinking about a PBL, report, or in class project? Don't forget to make connections with the library! Feed this "Research Question" Smore sample (Linked below) into your assignment to get students started in the right direction! Let me in on the scoop too! I can let you know of great resources available to you or even get the library materials you need!

A little bit of this week and next week in the library!

Wednesday 1/6: First Day Back

Thursday 1/7: Library Open/AFTERSCHOOL OVERTIME 2:20-3:20

Friday 1/8: Library Open/ MIST Testing begins throughout Building

Monday: 1/11 MIST/Mrs. Claassen at Instructional Technology Fair 8-10 Group IV IB Project Prep work in Library during 7B & 8B

Tuesday 1/12:MIST/Library Open/AFTERSCHOOL OVERTIME 2:20-3:20

Wednesday 1/13:MIST/ Library Open/AFTERSCHOOL Book Club

Thursday 1/14: MIST/Library Open/Lincoln College Visit 8am/AFTERSCHOOL OVERTIME 2:20-3:20

Friday 1/15:MIST/ Library Open

Make a New Years Resolution with your class to read more!

Learning how to access the Current Events in The Tennessean & USA Today is a great way to encourage your students to read more!

College Visits in the Library

Reminder that students have my permission to go to the library for College Visit if they have RSVP'd. Of course, they still need your permission. There maybe students with invites because they registered directly through the University. Please allow them to go if they have proof from an email from the University. Always use your discretion. Also please check back with me on attendance. I want students to know that I am checking attendance and will not tolerate students using this opportunity to skip out of class. Thank you!

Landing Page for all Student Computers!

Thank you Larry Albers for setting the Library Edline page to all Student Computers! So every time a student logs in to the computer, instead of going to Google, they will go straight to the Library Catalog and Electronic Resources. Many of the tools your students use are located in the Electronic Resources Link including Blackboard, Schoolnet. Conjuguemos, TEL, Limitless Libraries, and more.


You have a few options. First you can email me and I can book you the Fixed lab on the big side of the library or I can book you the Flex Lab that uses Laptops on the right side of the library. The other option is to coordinate with a Cart Manager. These are teachers throughout the building whose curriculum and instructional practices support entrusting them with a cart. Click on link below to see list of Cart Managers!

Limitless Libraries

Educator Accounts: All educator pins will be reset to 2015

  • All educators will need to set their hold location to their school; it will not default to their school location

  • Activation is no longer required

  • PLEASE add your email addresses to your accounts to get notices of overdues.

  • Make sure your delivery location is set for Hillsboro

  • More information will come later this month regarding staff members who need an educator account to be created

School Delivery:

  • Educators can request items beginning August 6

  • Students can request items beginning August 10

  • Those already in the system should have no trouble, but we may not have all new student and educator info right away.

  • Student Login is their student ID and their birthdate in a 4 digit number. A birthdate of Sept 8th would have a PIN # 0908

  • Teacher Logins are their employee number and the PIN # would be 2015


Student Access

How Do Student’s Login to Computers:

Username is typically their First & last name

And their password is their Student ID or their password that they used last

New Students & Students who didn’t login last year will need to sign the AUP. These directions are found here. If there is a struggle, you can send student to library (please wait till Monday).

My Laptop Won’t Let Me Login: Info Sheet (This is only for Teachers)

How Do Student’s Login to Blackboard:

Student ID for both


How Do Student’s Login to Office 365:

Same Username & password when they login to computers, except they login with their email address. So if the student’s name is Jane Doe, and their Username is janedoe, then their email will be janedoe@mnpsk12.org and that is what they will use to login to Office 365.

Here is an info sheet that you can share with students to help login: Office 365 Info Guide

Office 365 Direct Link