Weekly Updates for LCMS Staff

By Tami Gunset

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The nominations are in, and MANY employees were nominated to receive the September LCISD Employee Gold Award! Congratulations to Amy Hendricks, Kary Laws, Lauren Hyatt, Michelle McGinty, Rachel Weaver, Tarah Jenkins, and Vanessa Hopkins. Each nominee will receive a certificate and a copy of the letter sent in as part of his/her nomination. WE ARE SUPER PROUD OF EACH OF YOU AND YOU ARE ALL VERY DESERVING OF THIS RECOGNITION.

LCISD District-Wide Technology Incentive Plan

Mission: Assist and encourage teachers to revolutionize their classrooms with creative and innovative 21st century teaching methods and strategies that will prepare their students for success in the global community.

Choose items from the LCISD TECHNOLOGY TREASURE CHEST below to challenge yourself and your students at integrating technology in the classroom and developing strong 21st century skills. Each technology activity in the LCISD TECHNOLOGY TREASURE CHEST has an assigned level and point value. These points accumulate to earn Technology Innovator levels and corresponding incentives.


Bronze = 25 points

Silver = 50 points

Gold = 75 points

Platinum = 100 points


Emerging Tech Innovator - 500 pts (MULTI DAY JEANS PASS)

Level One Tech Innovator - 1000 pts (MINI-TECH GRAB BAG)

Level Two Tech Innovator - 2000 pts (TECH GRAB BAG)

Level Three Tech Innovator - 3000 pts (ED CAMP EXPERIENCE)

Level Four Tech Innovator - 4000 pts (TECHNOLOGY CONFERENCE EXPERIENCE)

NOTE: Additional innovative technology integration ideas can be submitted to

Gwen Mayo (gmayo@lcisd.net) or Matt Holley (mholley@lcisd.net) for consideration.

Lesson Plans

Here are instructions for setting up a table template in forethought for your lesson plans. I feel if each teacher has the same info in your lesson plans we can begin to help in developing proficent plans.

* To do so they will need to go to the first day they do not have lesson plans inserted (a non-bold date on their calendar) and create the table. They will then click on the wrench icon in the subject header (light blue area) and choose "Set as Default Text for Entry". This will set the table as the new template for that class. They can then copy it and add it to their other classes and set it as the default for each class. See picture below. Let me know if you have any questions.

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Next Two Week Calender of Events

• Monday, September 28 - NSD Survey Pre-Test in 6th grade Technology/Health classes

• Monday, September 28 - 7th Football vs O.L. Slaton @ LCMS Fields (6pm/7:15pm)

• Monday, September 28 - Shelli Duncan - Happy Birthday

• Tuesday, September 29 - ARD Meetings

• Tuesday, September 29 - Julie Ammons - Happy Birthday

• Wednesday, September 30 - PEP Rally (3:15pm)

• Wednesday, September 30 - 8th Football vs O.L. Slaton @ LCMS Fields (6pm/7:15pm)

• Wednesday, September 30 - MS Boys Tennis @ LBMS

• Wednesday, September 30 - MS Girls Tennis @ Wilson MS in Lubbock

• Wednesday, September 30 - Suzy Rosales - Happy Birthday

• Thursday, October 1 - 7th/8th Volleyball @ LBMS (5:30pm 7A/8B; 6:30pm 8A/7B)

• Thursday, October 1 - Lauren Hyatt - Happy Birthday

• Thursday, October 1 - LCHS Varsity Football @ Caprock (7:30pm)

• Friday, October 2 - END of the 1st SIX WEEKS

• Sunday, October 4 - Ryan Pease - Happy Birthday

• Monday, October 5 - 2nd Six Week Begins

• Tuesday, October 6 - Emergency Drill

• Tuesday, October 6 - 7th Football vs Frenship @ Pirate Staduim (6pm/7:15pm)

• Wednesday, October 7 - 8th Football vs Frenship @ Pirate Staduim (6pm/7:15pm)

• Wednesday, October 7 - ARD Meeting AM

• Thursday, October 8 - SPED Progress Reports DUE

• Thursday, October 8 - LPAC Meeting (if needed)

• Thursday, October 8 - 7th/8th Volleyball vs Evans @ LCMS (5:30pm/6:30pm)

• Thursday, October 8 - Whitney Gentry - Happy Birthday

• Friday, October 9 - Varsity Football @ San Aneglo Lakeview (7:30pm)

• Saturday, October 10 - MS Cross Country @ Abernathy