Werner Weekly

August 14, 2020

Class Lists

Class Lists will be posted online by 3:00 p.m. on August 17. We will have students listed in grade levels by first name and last initial. Our teams have worked hard to ensure your child is placed in a balanced classroom and teacher fit. Your child's teacher will send an email as a quick introduction. Later next week, they will follow-up with communication regarding Meet-the-Teacher and what to expect for the first day of instruction on Wednesday, August 26.

As a reminder, we do not move students. We ask that you work with your child's teacher to address any questions or concerns.

This year, we have received several requests to place students together based a on learning pods, or small groups of families that share the responsibility to supervise all children in a "pod" during the students' academic studies. PSD schools will not assign teachers to work with these specific groups. Our grade levels are working tightly together to ensure that their expectations and instruction are aligned to support families and students.

Meet-the-Teacher-August 24 & 25

ALL students are invited to meet their teacher, pick up supplies (books, handouts, etc.) and requested computer on either Monday, August 24 or Tuesday, August 25 between 8:30-3:30. You will receive details about how to sign up from your child's teacher by August 19. More details will come with what to expect.

Remote Learning-What to expect

Our staff have been working hard prepare for the upcoming school year. We have been taking the feedback from the spring and reviewing the PSD expectations to create a quality experience for your child. We know that many of have are wondering what this will be like for your child. We will continue to monitor and adjust our expectations to make this successful for your child and to support you.


Monday through Thursday:

  • Morning Check-In/Class Meeting: 15 minutes live. (Monday through Friday)

  • Literacy: 60 minute lesson with minimum 30 minutes synchronous, including lesson delivery and small group and individual support.

  • Mathematics: 60 minute lesson with minimum 30 minutes synchronous, including lesson delivery and small group and individual support.

  • Science/Social Studies: 30 minute lesson with minimum 15 minutes minutes synchronous, including lesson delivery and small group and individual support.

  • Specials: 30 minute lesson with live interaction

  • Lunch: 45 minutes

  • Independent practice, small group, and assignment completion: 120 minutes


  • Morning Check-In/Class Meeting: 15 minutes live.

  • The rest of the day on Friday, students complete independent and asynchronous work.

  • Teachers will hold office hours and collaboratively plan and prepare for the next week.


  • Lessons will be managed in a consistent learning management system (Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams, SeeSaw, etc.) and follow a consistent routine each day to avoid confusion.
    • Students and families will have access to help guides and technology assistance to learn how to navigate the primary applications to support their students (Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams, etc.).
  • Teachers will support student learning through a blending of three models:

    • Synchronous (real-time) learning: Online learning in which teachers and students participate at the same time, but not in the same place. Synchronous learning is delivered through a virtual meeting platform.

    • Asynchronous (any-time) Learning: Online learning in which students learn at different times and locations. Asynchronous learning is often supported by posted media materials.

    • Activities that support student learning. Independent practice may include reading assignments, general practice, homework, and projects.

  • All lessons will be based on essential standards and provide meaningful work. Over the course of the year, all essential standards will be covered in core subject areas and courses.

DRAFT Schedule for Remote Learning

This is a rough draft schedule for our grade levels. We will continue to monitor and adjust this schedule over time. Our school day will be from 9 am-3 pm, but students will not be online all this time. You child's teacher will provide more detail about what to expect.
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Teacher Learning Pages

  • Each teacher will have a learning page with a standard format and required links depending on course content.

  • The site will link to teacher's Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams, and SeeSaw.

  • We will use the Teacher Learning Page as the entry point for students to access content.

  • Teachers will communicate their routines to students and families so they know when to expect updates.

  • You can access Learning Pages at our website: https://wer.psdschools.org/


Teacher communication

  • Teachers will communicate their routines to students and families on a regular basis.
  • Teachers and/or departments will have Teacher Learning Pages for students and families. These pages will include information like:
    • Messages from teachers
    • Links to online learning platforms and course content
    • Information about assignments and more as needed
  • Teachers will communicate their grading practices and expectations.
  • Students will receive timely and relevant feedback on their learning during school hours. Student work will be evaluated and graded.
  • Attendance will be taken each day.

Werner Communication

  • Weekly communication through our Werner Weekly
  • Website: Up-to-Date information about Werner, calendar, and Learning Pages
  • Newsletter: Monthly newsletter will information from the office, PSD, and PTA
  • School Messenger: Email, Phone, and Text with pertinent information regarding Werner, PTA or PSD
  • Social Media: Facebook and and Twitter will be used to share updates and highlights of our school/district.

Meals during Remote Learning

Ensuring kids have access to nutritious meals during the 2020-21 school year is a top priority. PSD Child Nutrition and the Transportation Departments have teamed up to make sure meals are available to students at several locations across the district while PSD is in remote learning through Oct. 16.

Sack meals available for PSD students

Please note that meal sites and hours may change as needs and the program are evaluated.

PSD will offer sack meals to PSD students (beginning Aug. 24) from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., Monday through Friday, at numerous PSD schools and additional locations (on scheduled school days).

Students will be able to get two sack meals - one sack lunch for that day and a sack breakfast for the following morning. Menus will be available here.

Cost of meals:

Meal sites

Sack meals will be available outside at schools (listed below in bold) and at nearby mobile meal sites via parked school buses. Meal sites that are near each other are grouped together. All meals sites at schools are listed in bold. PSD-enrolled students may pick up or purchase meals at any location regardless of the school they attend or where they live.

Werner Elementary, 5400 Mail Creek Ln.

Nearby mobile bus meal sites:

  • Brittany St At Heart Of The Rockies Parking Lot
  • Fossil Creek Pkwy At Fossil Creek Park
  • Keenland Dr West Of Mcmurry Ave
  • Skyway & Venus

Note from Mrs. Siemers

Hello Werner Wildcat Families,

I am Werner’s art teacher, Mrs. Mary Siemers. I am writing this to let you know that I will be taking a leave of absence during the start of this school year. I am taking this leave in effort to help keep my immunocompromised husband safe, as he is currently going through chemotherapy for cancer. I hope to return to the art room around the first part of November. I will miss each and every Wildcat artist and cannot wait to see them again soon!

Thank you for your kindness and support,

Mary Siemers

Supply Lists

Our supply list is available on the website. Teachers may update these lists and communicate those needs. While some of these supplies won't be used until we are back in-person, we are recommending that families have these supplies to use while in remote learning:

-#2 Pencils

-Colored Pencils or Crayons

-Ruler (standard and metric)


-Notebook paper

-White Copy Paper

-Small White Board


-Wireless mouse

Please hold on to other supplies until we are back in school.

This year, we are also making available for families the option to purchase school supplies online to be delivered to your home from School Tool Box. Please note that not all supplies are available in these school kits and you may need to purchase them separately.

UPDATE: Requests for change in A/B Days

If you requested a change to A/B days, those changes are on hold as our office priorities have shifted to all Phase 1 prep. We appreciate your patience and will communicate updates before the end of August.

PSD Virtual Technology Pickup-August 21

Families enrolled with PSD Virtual School will be able to pick up technology on Friday, August 21 between 8-11 am. More details will come.

PSD 2020-21 School Year

Stay up-to-date with PSD's plans for the 2020-21 school year at: https://www.psdschools.org/psd2020-21. This site will house all the information needed for the different phases and updates throughout the year.

Meet-the-Teacher and Materials Pick Up (Sign Up)

Monday, Aug. 24th, 8:30am to Tuesday, Aug. 25th, 3:30pm

5400 Mail Creek Lane

Fort Collins, CO

First Day of Remote Learning

Wednesday, Aug. 26th, 9am-3pm

This is an online event.

Werner Staff 2020-21


Megan Hampton

Kelly Radcliff

Lisa Scarborough

1st Grade

Lindsey Baumann

Mona Glover

2nd Grade

Natalie Cala-Bartha

Cristine Doss

Kate Haugen

Kim Spencer

3rd Grade

Jamie Cassell (Burns)

Terry Deniston

Robin Organ

Jeff Putman

4th Grade

Ashley Dabelstein

Charlie McNamee

Cindy Ufer

5th Grade

Tracey Bean

Hawna Harmes

Trish Lambert


Doug Julian-PE

Cody Krueger-Music

Debbie Powers-Media

Mary Siemers-Art (Kari Forster-Long Term Sub)

Shelly Seavey-Media Tech/Para


Lois Arnolfo

Tomomi Fryer

Teresa Dimick-Kaltenberger-Kitchen Manager


Julie Flemister-Counselor

Jenni Sifuentes-Mental Health

Robin Hughes-ELD

Lois Lamb-Math

Katie Meadows-Literacy Teacher

Patti Maciel-Literacy/Para

Caity Sahimi-Gifted/Talented

Integrated Services

Jill Ayars- Speech

Dani Bassett-Multi-Cat Teacher

Rhonda Betts-ILS Para

Michelle Bullock-ILS Para

Meghan Day-ILS Teacher

Melissa Dreher-ILS Para

Danielle Duncan- School Psychologist

Cindy Ellenwood-ILS Para

Katie Hochhalter-IS Para

Jill Savage-OT

Instructional Paras

Rosella Barella

Adrienne Deherrera

Janet Unfug


Traci Henninger-Office Manager

Hayden Camp-Principal

Julie Norris-Nurse

Caity Sahimi-Assistant Principal

Amy Rider-Health Tech

Jenny Whetsell-Secretary/Health Tech


Patrick Hollen-Night Custodian

Larry Pygott-Head Custodian