Reactions That Amaze

The Five Signs of Chemical Change

Time to do some AMAZING Chemistry!

You will completing a project that demonstrates your knowledge of creating new substances and creating chemical change. Read your challenge brief carefully and get started!

Challenge Brief Summary

Everyday, you experience physical and chemical changes around you. We often observe these changes without thinking about them. When a chemical reaction occurs, a new substance is formed. Your challenge for this unit includes this driving question: Can you demonstrate the five signs of chemical change using common elements and compounds?

The experiments must be teacher approved. The experiments must be conducted in a safe manner and designed using the Scientific Method. Completed lab sheets will be submitted at the end of the project, along with a summary detailing how your team knew a chemical reaction has occurred.

The chemical reaction should include at least one of the following:

* production of a gas

* measurable change in temperature (in degree)

* change in color

* production of a precipitate

*production of light

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EVERY team member must complete the Pre-Assessment Quiz. EVERY team member must read the Challenge Brief. The group must complete the Launch & Plan steps of the project. After completing both steps, begin your research.
Pre-Assessment Quiz

Take this quiz

Setting Up Your Team

Team Roles:

  • Ideally, the number of roles matches the number of team members, but it is not necessary.
  • The following roles and responsibilities are helpful to use in groups:
    • Communications : Responsible for chat tree/cards and communicating the teams' needs to the facilitator
    • Resource Manager: Responsible for managing the teams' resources and all necessary materials to complete project tasks including tangible materials and project documents (e.g., diys, project plan, etc.)
    • Team Leader: Facilitates all team protocols and team huddles, ensures work is divided evenly, and initiates conflict resolution
    • Team Photographer: Uses visual media to document and/or tell the story of the team's learning experience
    • Time Manager: Keeps the team informed of deadlines, progress checks, and updates to the project calendar
    • Workshop Manager: Requests workshops, designates attendees, and ensures content is shared with the team
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Finish ALL Day 1 assignments AND pages 1 and 2 of your 'Team Project Plan".

GO TO THE BRAIN POP APP!!! Search for PROPERTY CHANGES. EVERY team member will watch the Brain Pop video (Learn About Property Change) and take the quiz. Take a screen shot of your score and report it to the instructor.

EVERY team member will do research about the type of experiment they will do. Pay close attention to our list of ingredients. We can get additional things in SOME cases. Any ingredient that is sold at the grocery store is fine (Ex: vinegar, milk, bananas).

The team will select the experiments they will be doing and they will assign the experiments to specific people.
Experiment Examples

Temperature Change & Light Production

Experiment Examples

Production of a Gas & Color Change

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1. Take the quiz titled, "Chemical change Checkpoint Quiz" on your iPad.

2. Complete the "WE KNOW" & "RESEARCH QUESTIONS" sections of your project paper work.

3. Choose the experiments you will use to show ALL FIVE signs of chemical change. The links on Day 2 will help.

4. Request any workshops you may need

5. EVERY member of the class must complete the 'Materials' & Procedures' portions of their lab sheets (Titled Formation of New Substances). The link below will show you an example.
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1. Do your warm-up questions that are on a small piece of paper.

2. Make sure that pages 1-3 of your "Team Project Plan" are completed.

3. Decide which experiments will be done and which signs of chemical change they will show.

4. Complete the "materials" & "procedures" sections of your lab sheets for all experiments.

5. Experiments start tomorrow! NO experiments until ALL of the paperwork is done!
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