Tiny-Tini & Nacho-Man trip!

Argentina/ Together is better <3

Only 20 days left!

Hey Tini! we're really close to finding each other again, so I wanted to take this space and plan together our trip :)

Tini arrival to BsAs!

Wednesday, April 27th, 7am

Autopista Tte Gral. Ricchieri Km 33,5

Ezeiza, Buenos Aires

Itinerary overview

<<< Argentinian "escarapela"! It's a patriotic icon, in this case the "Escarapela del bicentenario" which was created on Argentinas' 200 year Celebration over the First Patriotic Argentinian Goverment.

27/28/29/30/1 - Buenos Aires!

2/3/4 - Iguazú, Misiones!

5/6/7/8 - NOA

9 - back to BsAs from NOA / surprise destination!

10 - ? surprise!

11 - morning back in bs as/ getting ready :(

Fly to Puerto Iguazu

Monday, May 2nd, 8am

s/n Avenida Costanera Rafael Obligado

Buenos Aires, CABA

From Buenos Aires, i've found this is the cheapeast flight, U$128


And these AirBnB places: https://es.airbnb.com/s/Puerto-Iguaz%C3%BA--Misi%C3%B3nes--Argentina?checkin=02%2F05%2F2016&checkout=05%2F05%2F2016&room_types%5B%5D=Entire+home%2Fapt&ss_id=eu06akdp&s_tag=96NR7AZb

Last but not least, hotels: http://es.hotels.com/search.do?resolved-location=CITY%3A1641801%3AUNKNOWN%3AUNKNOWN&destination-id=1641801&q-destination=Iguaz%C3%BA,%20Argentina&q-localised-check-in=02%2F05%2F2016&q-localised-check-out=05%2F05%2F2016&q-rooms=1&q-room-0-adults=2&q-room-0-children=0

It's always good to look on hotels b/c.. well.. pool, maybe a jacuzzi, and what's best that someone doing your bed, right? hah!

Fly to SALTA

Thursday, May 5th, 9am

Camino Anexo Ruta Provincial 101


From Iguazú, this would be the cheapest flight: http://goo.gl/flights/0P8I

at, U$169 ;)

AirBnB, at around $50 x night: https://es.airbnb.com/s/Salta--Argentina?checkin=05%2F05%2F2016&checkout=06%2F05%2F2016&room_types%5B%5D=Entire+home%2Fapt&ss_id=5ssvd515&s_tag=Zz8GLfE9

Hotels, from $40 to $100: http://es.hotels.com/search.do?resolved-location=CITY%3A15224%3AUNKNOWN%3AUNKNOWN&destination-id=15224&q-destination=Salta,%20Argentina&q-localised-check-in=05%2F05%2F2016&q-localised-check-out=06%2F05%2F2016&q-rooms=1&q-room-0-adults=2&q-room-0-children=0

I think we could stay in Salta for one night, then move the next day to "Jujuy" where we'll be nearer to all the attractions :)

We can arrive to Jujuy by renting a car, or by bus. Then again, we'll need to find a place to stay over there!

In Jujuy, airbnb prices are around $70 per night https://es.airbnb.com/s/Jujuy--Argentina?checkin=06%2F05%2F2016&checkout=09%2F05%2F2016&room_types%5B%5D=Entire+home%2Fapt&ss_id=uf6kcgel&s_tag=xxRyDbDS

and here we see (the only one apparently? or may I have missed something?) the hotel over jujuy: http://es.hotels.com/hotel/details.html?WOE=1&q-localised-check-out=09/05/2016&WOD=5&q-room-0-children=0&pa=1&tab=description&q-localised-check-in=06/05/2016&hotel-id=418839&q-room-0-adults=2&YGF=14&MGT=3&ZSX=0&SYE=3

maybe we'll need to look further into staying in Jujuy actually :P

Fly to Buenos Aires

Monday, May 9th, 8am

Salta, Salta Province, Argentina

Salta, Salta Province

This is not the cheapeast (at $130, flying 13:00 until 17:00..) but gives value to our time together and to catch our next way to the Surprise destination, by arriving to BsAs at the morning: http://goo.gl/flights/m2mo

We can check on this one later :)