The Ben Franklin Friday Focus

June 12, 2015

Happy Friday!

Dear Staff,

It's getting tough to write the Friday Focus, as the end of June looms. I will keep my message simple this week.

I would like to sincerely thank everyone who helped to plan and implement Tuesday's nature activities, even in the face of potential bad weather. I would like to also sincerely thank everyone for their flexibility and open-mindedness. The kids had a great time and learned a lot. The Creatively Green Family Arts Festival was a huge success as well (don't forget to take a look at the 'SNAP Monster' - our new totem sculpture)!

Please think about the activities that we did on Tuesday and remember that it doesn't have to be a special day to take your class for a walk to the stream or a scavenger hunt around the field or SNAP Space, etc. It benefits everyone and there is an amazing calming effect - even many of our most fidgety and high energy kids are mellow and well behaved when working outside. Give it some thought.

CHALLENGE - One ice pop per child for the first class (you can work in a group of 2 or 3 classes if you want - I have enough ice pops) to go to the SNAP Space and pull all grass and weeds from the gravel section where we keep the picnic tables. Just send me a picture of your class(es) working and an email when it's done and I'll arrange delivery of ice pops. The challenge opens....NOW.

Have a great day and enjoy every minute of the last full week of school. We all look forward to summer, myself included, but we have a very special school, don't take one moment for granted; there is a lot of fun to be had. Take Care!




Upcoming Events:

Week of 6/15:...Group 3 AM Car Line (Rigby, Offery and Urizar)

District laminating machine on from 8:30 am – 4:00 pm thru 6/23/2015

Monday, June 15 – Newsletter items due

Faculty meeting 3:45 pm

3-Shackleton Trout Trip

Tuesday, June 16 – Reply due for Rebecca Gold’s retirement party

Wednesday, June 17-Gr. 3 Spelling Bee

Thursday, June 18 – PTO night at Trenton Thunder

Positive Student Profiles due

Friday, June 19 – PreK Van Metre graduation – cafeteria AM

Classroom teachers’ supply lists and summer letters due

Sunday, June 21 – First day of summer

Week of 6/22:...Group 2 AM Car Line (Cherny, Colavita, and Cimorelli)

Tuesday, June 23 – Last day of school

Last day of fourth marking period

Clap Out

School Spirit Assembly – Wear blue and white

Newsletter goes out

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