Time to SERVE IT ALL UP My Friends!

September 8, 2015

Dear 1st Impressions,

It's here! The BEST selling season of the year! Have you gotten your calendar in order? Do you know when you're available to do shows around everything else in your life? Are you wondering where to even begin?

Enjoy Danielle's Top 10 Tips for Fall in all her glory~click the link below. Post your top takeaways on our 1st Impressions Facebook Page for your chance to win a Resiliance Cuff! EU Team, post on our EU 1st Impressions Facebook page.

Many Re-Entry Meet Ups Happening this Week

Join your local leaders and peers to help you get back into the groove. Find your local meet up in the Events Section in our Lounge.

US: http://eventbritepages.com/discover/stelladot

UK: http://www.stelladot.co.uk/uk-events

FR: http://www.stelladot.fr/lastylist/evenements

Metrowest Boston's is tomorrow night: Weds., 9/9. Great raffles of NEW swag!! Come, connect, learn and gear up to thrive!. Please rsvp:

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Join local leaders on Weds., Sept. 16th at 10am

Panera Bread in Plymoth, MA at Colony Place

Bring your guests and enjoy a casual morning of coffee and inspiration. Please rsvp to Heather Swett at hswett3@yahoo.com

Have a great week!

Carrie McGraw
Senior Director & Founding Leader