My 4th Grade Memories

By: Skylar Ehamn and Victoria Brandt

Language Arts

Author's Purpose

We remember Authors Purpose. There are 3 parts to Authors Purpose there is Persuade, Entertain and Inform. This all spell's P.I.E. Persuade means to convince someone to do something. Inform means to give the straight facts. Entertain means to entertain the reader.

Social Studies

Harriet Tubman

We remember learning about Harriet Tubman, one fun fact about Harriet she had 10 bothers and sisters. She had many jobs as a slave. She escaped and then helped other slave escape through the Under Ground Railroad.


We remember talking about landforms. We learned about all different types of land forms like: Canyons, Deserts, Hills, Islands, Lakes, Valleys, Plains, Plateaus and Mountains.

We had a lot of fun learning, drawing and talking about landforms.

Spring Symphony

In the spring Symphony we learned to play Ode to joy, French Folk Song, Twinkle , Can-Can, Allegro, and Swallowtail Jig. We learned these songs and many more with the help of are amazing teacher Miss. Whitty. We were not the only people playing we played with the high school, rolling hills, and loundsberry hollow.


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Chores songs

We have chores in school. We sing many different songs like Everything is awesome, Happy, I dream a world, Mac 'N' cheese and Count on me. We really enjoy singing these songs.

Family Art Night

Family Art Night

I had so much fun at Family Art Night. The Artwork was so pretty and the Still Life Study with Watercolor. The Sculpture were so pretty. There was a lot of work that we did.

Wax Musem

Wax Musem

Victoria And I had a lot of fun at the Wax Museum. Victoria was Taylor Swift and I Skylar was Amelia Earhart. We worked really hard researching and making the costumes for the Wax Museum.
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I dream w world

By: The same people how wrote Mac 'n' cheese
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Everything is Awesome

By: Shawn Patterson