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December 5, 2016

Good morning, KHS families.

We have experienced a great week with exciting announcements of student success. Congratulations to our All-District Honorees in Volleyball and Football. Included in this email you will find several events for the week ahead. You will also find highlights of success by our students, teachers, and coaches.

On Monday we will begin conducting STAAR End of Course Exam Retakes. In order to allow students plenty of time to finish the EOC's, we will begin EOC retakes at 8:00. Please have students that are taking these required tests to school by 7:45. Furthermore, we will also be conducting Benchmarks for the 2017 EOC's. It is imperative that students get plenty of rest this weekend, and come to school ready to do their very best. We will be operating under modified bell schedules next week, and those details are listed later in this newsletter. During testing, there will be no bells in order to provide the best environment possible for our students. Please exercise quiet voices during passing periods.

Our Theatre Department will be presenting "Cinderella Waltz" for the public December 8th - 10th. We invite you to witness the hard work and talents of these young thespians.

Thank you again for the support you have given to our students throughout the fall semester. Although we still have two weeks ahead, we appreciate the overwhelming support you provide. Let's make it a great week!

Go Bobcats!

Michelle Pieniazek

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EOC & Benchmark Testing - December 5th - 9th

Krum High School will conduct EOC retesting and Benchmark testing December 5th - 9th. During this time we will be following an alternative bell schedule.

Students that are EOC testing need to report by 7:45, as testing will begin at 8:00. Benchmark testing will begin at 8:15. We will not utilize bells during testing and we will have altered bell schedules.


  • English 1 EOC
  • Algebra 1 Benchmark
  • US History Benchmark


  • Algebra 1 EOC
  • US History EOC
  • English 1 Benchmark


  • English II EOC
  • English II Benchmark
  • Biology EOC


  • Biology EOC

Bell Schedules for Monday - Thursday are listed below.

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KHS Theatre Presents "Cinderella Waltz"

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Final Exams

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Final Exam Schedule - December 12th - 16th

Krum High School will administer final exams December 12th - 16th. Students will take their test during the regularly scheduled class period.

  • Monday - Science and Fine Arts
  • Tuesday - Math and CTE
  • Wednesday - English and Electives
  • Thursday - Social Studies and Foreign Language
  • Friday - Makeup Day for anyone absent earlier in the week

Exemption Policy:

FINAL EXAM EXEMPTIONS Exemptions Grades 9-12 (Fall/Spring)

Students in grades 9-12 will be eligible for semester examination exemptions based on attendance and grades. The following grade/absence criteria must be met:

● Semester grade of 80 to 84 and no more than one absence

● Semester grade of 85 to 89 and no more than two absences

● Semester grade of 90 to 94 and no more than three absences

● Semester grade of 95 to 100 and no more than four absences For ALL exemptions, (both semester grades 9-12), the following criteria must be met:

● Classes are independent of one another for attendance, tardies and grades

● Student owes no fines or fees at the time of finals

● Textbooks for the course exemptions requested must be turned in/paid for at the time of the request.

● For exemption purposes, three tardies to a class will equal one absence for that class.

● With prior approval from High School administration, students may take four college days (two during Junior year, two during Senior year) as an exemption to this policy.

● School related absences are not to be included in the total number of absences

● Absences for a death in the immediate family, absences coded as Medical Absence or Medical Present, and/or documented religious holidays will be removed from the student’s total absences for purposes of exam exemptions. All campus decisions are final.

● Exempt students may opt to take an exam for the purpose of improving their final semester grade. After taking the exam, if the exempt student chooses to drop the exam grade, the teacher should be notified before semester grades are finalized. Once grades are posted it is official.

● Students must be present on the exam day(s) for the duration of the exam period(s) for which the exemption is received. If a student failed to attend, the exemption will be voided and they will be required to take the exam on a date arranged through the KHS Administration.


Senior Ad forms are due December 14th

This is just to reserve your spot in the yearbook, but no material has to be turned in when it is purchased, all the photos and the writing for it are due on February 14th. Attached is the Senior Ad form.

At the football game Friday (November 4th), yearbook staff will have a table set up in the 1st quarter through half-time, selling yearbooks. Since it is senior night, any senior/senior parent that purchases a yearbook will receive their name on it for FREE!

Bobcat Basketball Shirts - On Sale through December 9th

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Check Out our Student Produced Newsletter "Krum Connection"

Students in Coach Clay's Photojournalism class have started an online newspaper featuring staff and students. Each month, students are given feature story writing assignments. This student produced publication has replaced our monthly KHS Bobcat Bulletin.

Check it out here:

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College Entrance Exams: If you have not taken an ACT/SAT, please register online.

ACT National Test Dates: Deadline to register: Register at

$42.50 (with writing $58.50)

  • February 11, 2017 January 13
  • April 8, 2017 March 3
  • June 10, 2017 May 5

SAT National Test Dates: Deadline to register: Register at

$45.00 ($57 with essay)

  • January 21, 2017 December 21
  • March 11, 2017 February 10
  • May 6, 2017 April 7
  • June 3, 2017 May 9

4 Year College/University right out of High School: Ask your counselor for an information sheet or go on-line for entry requirements and application deadline. If you have a score on a college entrance exam that qualifies you for entry, apply. Do not re-test for entry. You must be accepted to be eligible to speak with the Financial Aid Officer. If the Financial Aid Officer tells you to re-test (to improve your scores for more scholarship money), retest at that time.

Community College: Open admission, meaning that you may enter if you test. You may

submit a college entrance exam (ACT/SAT), or TSI (locally administered entrance exam). Every community college is different. Contact admissions or look on-line for

required test scores.

Transfer Student: A student who completes 30 college credit hours (not including Dual Credit) at an institution of higher education, may transfer to another institution of higher education on their grade-point-average alone. They are not required to present high school transcripts, GPA, or test scores.

Register with NCAA: Students planning to participate in sports or cheerleading at the college level must register with the National Collegiate Athletic Association and meet eligibility requirements. For complete information, go to

Request a Transcript be sent to a College/University or Scholarship Program: Go to and click on Krum High School - Departments - Counselor Corner - Request a Transcript. Complete the form and submit it to our Registrar, Mrs. Morrow.

Apply Texas. Students may go to and apply to any Texas college/university. Be sure to keep your user name/password in a safe place. Counselors do not have access.

Housing for College. Some colleges/universities require all freshman to live in the dorms (except those that live in the community and commute). Some do not have a policy. You need to check out the housing on campus as soon as you apply. All deposits are refundable if you do not attend.

The University of North Texas will automatically accept all Krum High School graduates who are in the top 20% of the class. A representative of UNT will be on our campus soon to talk to all Krum seniors that would be interested in attending UNT, top 20% or not.

FAFSA – Free Application for Federal Student Aid

This is a form that students complete to apply for federal financial aid. Our government will determine your eligibility by your family income and what school you plan to attend. You may qualify for up to $5,815 in college grants. Complete this form now. The rules have changed and you no longer must wait until January of your senior year.

College For All Texans. This is a comprehensive website for financial aid for Texas students. Google: College For All Texans. Every parent/student should review this site. This website will serve as your personal secretary and match the information that you provide on a profile form to all national scholarships. They will then e-mail the scholarship information to you. This service is free. Be sure to change your profile every summer because there are scholarships for entering freshman students as well as graduate students. This is a web site that you will want to keep throughout your college career. There are several websites that will provide this service for you. Many are listed on the Counselor’s Scholarship Page.

Krum High School Scholarship Newsletter: Go to, click on Krum High School -Departments - Counselor’s Corner - Scholarships. Watch this space weekly - we will publish all scholarships that are mailed to our school as well as additional national scholarships. The “local” scholarships will not be announced until spring.

Create a College Folder: Keep all of your user names/passwords in your folder. Also document the names of college personnel that you spoke with and the date of the conversation. Other things to keep in your College Folder: Test dates, Saturday Preview dates (for incoming freshman students), orientation dates, deadlines for application, financial aid, housing, registration, etc.

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Volunteer Background Check Information

Volunteer application available online

Apply to volunteer at your child’s campus by submitting an online application. The process is easy and takes just a few minutes. Simply go to to fill out the form. You can also access the application at, select “Parents” and click on the “Volunteer” link. Remember, volunteers must submit an application every year to continue volunteering. Applicants who have questions may call (940) 482-2501 or contact their child’s campus.

The Latest Announcements...

December STAAR/EOC

Monday, Dec. 5 - English 1

Tuesday, Dec. 6 - Algebra 1 / US History

Wednesday, Dec. 7 - English 2

Thursday, Dec. 8 - Biology

December Benchmarks

Monday, Dec. 5 - US History / Algebra 1

Tuesday, Dec. 6 - English 1

Wednesday, Dec. 7 - English 2 / Biology

**If you are not taking a EOC exam or benchmark you will follow your normal schedule with room location adjustments. Seniors will report to the PAC Monday for their movie reward day.

Saturday School - December 3rd

Saturday School will be offered Saturday from 8:00 – 12:00. There is a fee of $25.00 per student per Saturday.

No Shave/Pajama Pants in December

If you would like to not have to shave or wear pajama pants throughout the month of December, you can pay $15 to the front office starting today to support Senior Project Graduation. Students will need to wear 2 green arm bands for this.

NOTE: You have to purchase arm bands for December, November does not count.

Academic UIL

Interested in competing in Academic UIL. See Mr. Hammonds (room 124) for details.

Project Grad - 4-way Stop Fundraiser

When: Saturday, December 3rd

Time: 8:00-12:00

Project Graduation 2017

Christmas Candy Grams - For Sale

NHS will be selling Christmas candy grams to raise money for hurricane relief in Haiti, they will go on sale December 5th and will be sold through December 14th during lunch.

Spanish Club - 3rd Annual Toy Drive

When: November 28th - December 16th

Where: Send all toys to that KHS Spanish Room 122

What: Consider the needs of the children and what you think they may need and enjoy the most. All toys must be clean. Gently used and new toys are welcome.

Bobcat Basketball Shirt Sale

Order form for the Bobcat Basketball Shirts is attached.

Bobcat Basketball Shirts

Yearbook News

Senior Ad Forms are due December 14th. This is just to reserve your spot in the yearbook, but no material has to be turned in when it is purchased, all the photos and the writing for it are due on February 14th. Attached is the Senior Ad form.

Prom Committee Meeting

There will be a prom committee meeting on Tuesday, December 6th at 4:00PM in the Lecture Hall.

Progress Reports

Progress reports will be sent home this week. We only have 2 weeks left in the grading period, so finish strong.

Krum Connection

Check it out -->

Blanche Dodd Intermediate Student Mentoring Opportunity

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FCCLA Gingerbread Camp

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Texas Christian University

TCU At A Glance

(view video)

  • Enrollment of 10,394
    • 8,892 undergraduates
    • 1,465 graduate students
  • 119 undergraduate areas of study
  • 53 master’s level programs
  • 28 areas of doctoral study
  • 2,152 employees
    • 630 full-time faculty members
    • 84 percent hold the highest degree in their discipline
  • 2016-17 annual budget of $646 million
  • Total investments as of June 30, 2016 of approximately $1.514 billion
  • Freshman-to-sophomore retention rate of 91 percent
  • Student/faculty ratio of about 13:1
  • 88,800 living alumni
  • Founded in 1873
  • Estimated annual cost, including tuition, room and board, books and fees is $55,630

Our Mission
To educate individuals to think and act as ethical leaders and responsible citizens in the global community.

Our Vision
To be a world-class, values-centered university.

School Colors
Purple and White

School Mascot
The Horned Frog


TCU - Where Dreams Take Their Course

Krum High School

The mission of Krum ISD is to offer a quality educational system that provides for the needs of all students, parents, staff, and community members.

Michelle Pieniazek, Principal

Bernard Lightfoot, Assistant Principal (A-K)

Lindsey Oh, Assistant Principal (L-Z)

Judy Smiley, Counselor (A-K)

Angela Borchardt, Counselor (L-Z)