solar energy

Renewable energy

what is renable enegry

solar engry is an engry souce that will never run out.that is renable engry .non renable engry is will evlnculy run out. and took thousands of years to from. some examples of renable engry isgethomal wind solar biomass

who solar enegry works

Solar engry

works by solar panles that exsorbe the suns engry. At night it cant get engry but it can store engry to duspise over the nigt.

advantges to solar engry

advantges to solar engry

Solar engry cases no poulithion. Solar engry can power low powerd divses esaly. Wolds oil will run out in 30 to 40 yearsbut solar engry will never run out. And it is not the most exspsve way to go to get engry fover.

disatvantges to ssolar engry

It can only get engry when it is day timeand suny outside. it is exspisve but prices are drpoping rapidly. Andalso the largespace that isrequired to work efintaly.