The Outsider project

by Mitchell Clevenger

Outsider Sumary

This is mostly about a guy who has lived in a castle his whole life alone. It starts out with him saying “I can not remember anyone in the castle but me and the rats the bats and the bugs. “I must have been raised by someone, but I only have quick visual of someone old and yet they resemble me”. The second important event is when he goes out of the castle but gets scared and runs back to the safety of the castle. Another important event is when the narrators have a nightmare and he was scared because he had seen a monster and wakes up screaming. The last important event is when he goes out and he tries to search for the human contact and he finds an old castle and he finds a moat and he looked down he see's what looked like a monster, but it was really himself.

Examples Of Suspense In The Outsider

My example of suspense in the out sider is when the narrator get scared when he was in the woods outside of the castle.

another one is when he has a bad dream and he see's a monster and he runs screaming and then he makes up.

My third example of suspense is when he heard about language in books, but he never bothered to speak he preferred to think or talk to himself in his mind instead of talking.

My last example of suspense is when he see's a monster or, at least, a very unattractive Human. in the pond, this happens when he goes out to find other human life and he then came to another castle. These are the examples of suspense from the out sider.

Examples Of 1st Person

The first example of 1st person is when he says I don't remember anyone else but me, but I have to have been raised by someone else. The second one was when he went running screaming back to the castle when he got scared in the forest. MY third one of 1st person was when he got scared in a dream and he got scared and wakes up screaming. My third one was when he see's a monster, but he realises it is his himself.