Kerala, the god's own country is situated on the southwestern tip of India. Thiruvananthapuram or commonly known as Trivandrum is the cosmopolitan and capital city of Kerala. Kerala is surrounded by the Arabian Sea in the west, the Western Ghats in the east and is networked by forty four rivers. It stretches along the coast of the Arabian Sea and is separated from the rest of the sub continent by the steep Western Ghats. The state lies between 80 degree 18' and 120 degree 48' north latitude and 740 degree 52' and 770 degree 22' east longitude. The breadth of the state varies from 32 kms in the extreme north and south to over 120 kms in the middle.


Kerala is a land of festivals where various festivals are celebrated round the year. These festivals are an essential part of the state and observed with great enthusiasm and fun in which the people of all caste and religion participate. Today, these festivals are perhaps the only occasion when the classical, folk and ritual arts of the Kerala come alive and as well as represents the true tradition and culture. Some of the major festivals which are celebrated in Kerala during the year are Onam, Thrissur Pooram, Thiruvathira, Vishu, Navarathri, Makaravillakku and Easter.


Kerala is known as the "Land of Spices". And so the Kerala cuisine is famous for its spicy and hot foods. Traditionally, the food is served on a banana leaf. People add coconut to almost every dish they prepare, together they add spices for flavorings the cuisine. All these give pungency to the dish and it increases with the addition of tamarind. The addition of coconut reduces the tongue-teasing hot flavor. There are also other items such as the crunchy pappadam, banana chips and jackfruit chips. Kerala cuisine includes both vegetarian and non-vegetarian items. Keralites like vegetables, meats as well as seafood. The people of coastal areas are fond of sea foods. While the people in the plains prefer vegetables and those from the tribal and north Kerala prefer meat. Some spices that are grown in Kerala are Pepper, Cardamom, Vanilla, Clove, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Ginger, Turmeric, Tamarind and Curry leaves.


The classical arts of Kerala dates back to thousand of years. Some of the classical arts of Kerala are Kathakali, Chakyarkoothu, Koodiyattam, Mohiniyattam, Krishnanattam, Patakam and Thullal. Kathakali is the popular art form of Kerala. Kathakali literally means the story play. This spectacular classical dance drama of Kerala is based on the guidelines laid by the Natya Sastra, the ancient treaty on dance and drama. This classical dance is usually performed in the evenings and cultural festivals in Kerala. Thullal is a modification of the Koothu and characterized by simplicity of presentation, wit and humor. Thullal, another classical art form of dance keeps the audience in a constant state of merriment.