Water Damage Flood Pro

Emergency Preparedness Only In Few Minutes for Your Water Damage Restoration

West Coast Restoration has extensive experience in handling water damage. We're moving out all day and make sure to limit the damage. Water and moisture can do great damage to the building and contents. Therefore it is important that you get started the right action from the start. This limits the collateral damage and shortens claims experience.

We are experts in disaster restoration including water aspiration, cleaning, dehumidification and disinfection of unsafe water. This may be necessary if there has been sewage in a room. If water damage has damaged - or potentially to damage - furniture and personal property (clothing, electronics, etc.), we take it in order to avoid that it takes additional damage.

All items are stored with us, until there is an agreement with the water damage insurance company on how to proceed. The effects that can be cleaned and / or renovated, is after renovation returned you. The things that cannot be saved, reviewed with the insurance company, in order that you can cover the damage.

We have specially trained staff who include have gone through our own special education program, and that makes them able to handle all types of water damage. For mold and moisture tasks we use quality products, we continually test their products and ensure that they are effective, environmentally safe and protected for indoor air when the damage repaired. Do you have a task that is not directly in the menu, then call for further information. We have an emergency preparedness, which will often be able to help you.