The Slavery Experience


The Slave Poet

"Come, Liberty! thou cheerful sound,    Roll through my ravished ears; Come, let my grief in joys be drowned,    And drive away my fears. "Say unto foul oppression, Cease!    Ye tyrants, rage no more; And let the joyful trump of peace    Now bid the vassal soar. "O Liberty! thou golden prize,    So often sought by blood,  We crave thy sacred sun to rise,    The gift of Nature's God. "Bid Slavery hide her haggard face,    And barbarism fly; I scorn to see the sad disgrace,    In which enslaved I lie."Dear Liberty! upon thy breast    I languish to respire; And, like the swan unto her nest,    I'd to thy smiles retire."


I chose this poem because when I read it I had this feeling of wanting to help this person. All the author wants is to be free and live life like it should be and not being seen as property. I think that the author wrote this because he wanted someone to read this and realize what a horrible thing that slavery is and they would try and fight for the people that are enslaved. This shows that these people are being treated horrible and aren't being treated like people.